WATCH LIVE: Compass Academy students hosting I.F. Mayoral debate tonight


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IDAHO FALLS — Back by popular demand, Compass Academy students will be hosting another Idaho Falls mayoral debate Wednesday evening.

Idaho Falls School District 91 spokeswoman Margaret Wimborne told the students were approached by the public to host another debate before the mayoral runoff election Dec. 5. The students have organized a debate between Mayor Rebecca Casper and City Councilwoman Barbara Ehardt.

“One of the important tenets of our democracy is that citizens are engaged. These debates are an opportunity for our students to learn about that and also for citizens to learn about issues and candidates,” Wimborne said.

Seniors from a Government/English class held their original debate Nov. 2 with candidates Mayor Rebecca Casper, City Councilwoman Barbara Ehardt, State Rep. Jeff Thompson, Ronald Jorde and Kenly Osterhout.

Wimborne said most seats in the school’s auditorium were full as there were some 250 people in attendance.

Parents raved about the professional production and arrangement of the debate as the students are responsible for the entire event with help from teachers.

“The students who organized these debates are very impressive. They do everything from crafting questions to moderating the debate to organizing logistics like setup, lighting, audio/visuals etc.,” Wimborne said.

The debate will be Wednesday, Nov. 29 from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Compass Academy on 955 Garfield Street. Questions to the candidate can be submitted by clicking here.


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