All her daughter wanted was used VHS movies, but Secret Santa showed up with a lot more

Secret Santa

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A Secret Santa has asked to help him give away $200,000 to deserving people and families living in east Idaho. From now until Christmas, Santa’s “elves” will be delivering surprises to many in our community. Some of the deliveries will be recorded – many will not. If you’d like to nominate someone for a Secret Santa surprise, click here.

Matthew Bowen planned to do a Secret Santa for some of the tenants living in the apartments he owns.

He taped a note to Karla Packard’s door and asked her to list the wants and needs of her two children.

A few days later, Karla responded and asked for used flannel bed sheets, thrift store blankets and 50 cent VHS tapes from Deseret Industries.

Matthew was humbled by Karla’s response and says her living conditions match the humility of her requests. She works 60+ hours a week on less than four hours of sleep every night. She repeats this weekly routine to provide and care for her special needs children.

Matthew says with an opportunity to make lavish requests, she did the opposite and truly embodies the spirit of

Secret Santa decided to help Karla out this Christmas and sent his elves to her home with a special gift.



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