Extreme Blue Thunder air show named 2017 air show of the year


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The following is a news release from the the Extreme Blue Thunder Air Show.

IDAHO FALLS – The Idaho Falls Extreme Blue Thunder Air Show was awarded the prestigious Blue Angel Air Show of the Year award for 2017 at the International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) annual convention on Dec. 4, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Receiving the award of behalf of the Board of Directors was Russell J. Johnson who serves as both Chairman of the Board of Idaho Falls Air Show, Inc. and the Blue Angles liaison. Also in attendance for the presentation was Robert “Bob” Hoff, Jane Hoff and David Snell.

During the award presentation Johnson stated, “I am a very small gear in a huge well-oiled machine. The success of the 2017 show was a result of a well-organized team effort.”

According to the US Navy Blue Angels, the award is given annually to a show site that best
demonstrates the upper most echelon in Tactical and Operational readiness of the air show
site. Additionally, the show site must conform to the strict compliance standards and rigorous mandates of the Blue Angle’s support manual.

The 2017 Extreme Blue Thunder Air Show was considered the best of 34 Blue Angel performance
locations during 2017.

“Winning a national award at an international convention was an overwhelming experience. I am so excited for all of the people who volunteered their time and talents to make the Idaho Falls Air Show a national treasure. Congratulations to everyone involved,” adds Johnson.

In total, the air show cost nearly $1.5 million to produce and operate. Income came from dozens of corporate sponsors, ticket sales, and value-in-kind services provided by the City of Idaho Falls. After accounting for all costs – including performer fees and accommodations, spectator transportation, marketing, equipment purchases, leases, rentals, and many other associated costs – the air show will distribute $120,000 in proceeds to local charity organizations.

The charitable grant awards will be announced in the coming weeks.


GALLERY: photos from the Extreme Blue Thunder Air Show