Mother of 8, suffering rare blood disorder, breaks down when Secret Santa elves shows up

Secret Santa

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A Secret Santa has asked to help him give away $200,000 to deserving people and families living in east Idaho. From now until Christmas, Santa’s “elves” will be delivering surprises to many in our community. Some of the deliveries will be recorded – many will not. If you’d like to nominate someone for a Secret Santa surprise, click here.

Alyssa Sale is a mother of eight children. Her husband runs a small business trying to keep the family going while Alyssa stays at home and watches the kids.

Last year, immediately after the birth of her eighth child, Alyssa was flown to Utah with an unknown illness that almost killed her. She learned she has AHUS – a blood disorder that should have made it impossible to have any children – let alone eight.

She received multiple blood transfusions and learned that only two in one million people have this condition.

Alyssa continues to receive life saving biweekly infusions while being a mother and trying to keep her family going.

Medical and other bills have piled up but Alyssa tries to remain positive.

When Secret Santa heard about Alyssa, he sent his elves over to her house with a special gift.