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Secret Santa

Secret Santa elves surprise heart transplant recipient while he’s at work

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A Secret Santa has asked to help him give away $200,000 to deserving people and families living in east Idaho. From now until Christmas, Santa’s “elves” will be delivering surprises to many in our community. Some of the deliveries will be recorded – many will not. If you’d like to nominate someone for a Secret Santa surprise, click here.

When he was 20 years old, Dalles Johnson had a heart transplant. Since then, he has been a hard worker, provider and
the kind of father most men should look up to.

Dalles recently started feeling ill and went to the emergency room in Salt Lake City. Doctors discovered he had cancer on his kidney and lymph nodes. One of his kidneys was removed and he died twice while on the operating table, according to his friends.

Because of his heart, doctors say they can not do chemotherapy or radiation. He has developed clots in his legs and still has cancer.

Dalles is a hard worker and a fighter.

Secret Santa decided to send the elves to Camping World, where Dallas works, with a special surprise.