Snowmobiler buried in Logan avalanche sustains only minor injuries


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Logan, Utah (KSL) — A snowmobiler caught in an avalanche Tuesday was relatively unharmed after his brother, father and uncle dug him out.

The rider was with another snowmobiler when they triggered the slide in the Franklin Basin area of Logan Canyon, the Utah Avalanche Center said on its website. The man’s name was not immediately released, according to

The pair had hoped that dense tree growth in the part of lower Boss Canyon would help to prevent an avalanche, the Avalanche Center said.

One of the men managed to ride clear of the slide, while another was caught. He deployed an airbag and held on to his sled as he was swept into a tree. His foot was pinned under the sled, with part of his head sticking out of the snow, the center said.

It took the team about 45 minutes to dig out the rider, who had only minor injuries, though his vehicle was severely damaged.

The slide was about 2 feet deep but its other dimensions weren’t known.

The Avalanche Center posted a note that it said came from the buried riders’ mom. She said she was thankful for the good outcome, for proper gear and for the “countless hours” her son spent learning and observing in avalanche classes.