IFPD Chief promises to “reveal everything” about officer-involved shooting


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IDAHO FALLS — Idaho Falls Police Chief Bryce Johnson says he will reveal everything that happened when an officer shot and killed a man Jan. 23 but it may take a few weeks.

Idaho State Police are reviewing the case after 54-year-old Shane McVey was shot at least once by Officer Earl Laughter III. Police had been called to a “suspicious person” report at North Corner Avenue and Elm Street when they say McVey fled and entered an apartment building.

When officers attempted to apprehend him, police say McVey displayed a weapon and Laughter discharged his firearm.

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“A lot of people want more information about that. I want to talk a lot more about that and eventually I will,” Johnson said in an interview with EastIdahoNews.com. “I’ll open everything up and talk about everything that occurred there. We need to let the investigation finish first and then we will let everyone know exactly what happened, when it happened, what order it happened and be very open about that.”

Investigators have not said what weapon McVey was holding when he was shot and they have not confirmed if Laughter was wearing a body camera.

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Johnson says his department has not been involved in the case once Idaho State Police took over.

“The investigation is being done by the Idaho State Police,” Johnson said. “We’ve intentionally stepped back and not been a part of that investigation. I can’t speak with certainty about anything that occurred.”

Once ISP finishes the investigation, it will be turned over to Bonneville County Prosecutor Danny Clark. He will decide if charges should be filed and if additional steps need to be taken legally. Johnson will then determine if the police department should take action against the officer.

Johnson says he will be open about the situation and referenced a case when he was the Juneau Alaska Police Chief. A sergeant shot at a man in Dec. 2016 and was found justified in the incident.

“If people are really worried that we’re hiding stuff from them, they can go back and look what we did there,” Johnson said. “There’s a press conference and you can Google it. I showed them everything…and it was a complete open book. I intend to do the same thing here when we’re all done.”