Snowmobilers rescued after becoming stranded in Island Park


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The following is a news release from Fremont County Search and Rescue. | Stock image

ISLAND PARK — On Tuesday, Jan. 27, four male snowmobilers from Shelley, ages ranging from 41 to 52, had an unexpected snowmobile experience in the Centennials Mountain Range’s back country northwest of Island Park.

The group was riding south of Reas Peak when they went down a slope into Dry Creek. Two of the men were able to climb out, but the other two were not. One individual who made it out acquired cell service and called Fremont County Sheriff’s Dispatch. Search & Rescue was paged to assist bringing them out of the canyon.

The friend contacted Fremont County Search & Rescue (FCSAR) via its Facebook Group including the coordinates from where they made the phone call and the approximate location of the two stranded riders.

The individuals had BCA radios and were instructed to return to where the stranded riders were – keeping everyone together.

The trail had set up enough allowing them to free one of their stranded sleds. They contacted FCSAR, informing them of the new situation and were going to attempt getting the last snowmobile out.

The snowmobilers realized it would take some effort because the last snowmobile was tangled in trees. One group of searchers, accompanied by the six friends with fuel (11 total), rode up to stage above the canyon. Another group of four searchers come up from the bottom to see if it was easier to bring them out downstream.

Seven of the eleven started a fire while four worked their way through the trees to get to the four subjects.

They were located at 12:50 a.m., and unit members spent the next hour helping them out of the drainage. At 3:52 a.m., the four subjects and other riders from the fire arrived at base camp – Blue Creek parking lot.

The group was tired but otherwise in good shape.