Monkey Bread: A sweet treat that requires plenty of napkins!

Tales of the Dinner Belle

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Watch how to make Belle’s Monkey Bread in the video above!

Tales of the Dinner Belle

I often talk about what a sweet tooth my husband has. If the house is void of cookies, pie, or some other treats, he will go into a panic. He even has two categories of cereals — there is breakfast cereal and there is dessert cereal. However, he only reverts to the cereal if there is no home baked treat. In other words, he is a spoiled sweet tooth and I basically feed into that.

There can never be enough sweetness around our house, so I have a number of quick and easy treats that I can quickly bake up for my favorite sweet. One of his all-time favorites is my version of Monkey Bread. This sweet and gooey treat is super easy to make, which can be bad and good. He loves it so much; it is often gone within minutes. The ingredients are simple and usually on hand, and if you have children, this is a recipe they love to help with. But have plenty of napkins ready — this pull-apart dish is covered in sticky goodness!

Brenda Stanley is the mother of five children, including two sets of twins and a grandmother of seven. She is a cookbook author and novelist. For more recipes and information, visit her website.

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