BYUI students find $1,000 treasure on “R Mountain”


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Courtesy Sydney McCleve

REXBURG — A group of five Brigham Young University-Idaho students organized a unique treasure hunt activity that rewarded some big money and raised funds for charity.

Fred and Katy Rushton, Jonathan Elkins, Sena Assan and Braden Dean worked with Idaho Central Credit Union to put together the $1,000 treasure hunt on June 4. The students sold treasure maps to those who wanted to participate for $30. Proceeds went to the Natica Orphan Project.

Participants had three hours to follow the clues through town, but it was Cameron and Sydney McCleve, along with Aubrey and Becca Kelley, who found the $1,000 prize on the top of the North Menan Butte, also known as “R Mountain.”

“The treasure hunt was super fun. The adrenaline of racing others to each clue and the skills it took to piece the puzzle together to find our next destination. It was just so exciting – we had the best day,” Sydney McCleve said. “Knowing that we were paying to participate and that money was going towards such an inspired cause made it an even more incredible opportunity.”

The winners met at Idaho Central Credit Union in Rexburg on June 6 with the hosts of the treasure hunt and received their prize.

Over $500 was raised to help the Natica Orphan Project.

“Although we aimed for more than that, we are really grateful for the result because for those kids, every dollar counts,” Sena Assan said. “I have seen the conditions in which the kids are living in. Most of them sleep on the ground or an old mattress that are out of use. This should really help.”