Why a local family says popping kettle corn brings their family closer together

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POCATELLO – A local couple is popping up some kettle corn for the community and their very own family.

The Cooper family is new to the community. They have five kids, two of which are adopted and they’ve fostered over 30 kids in the last four years.

Along with five kids to keep them busy, they also pop up kettle corn at their ‘Battle Born Kettle Corn’ business every week at the Farmer’s Market in Pocatello.

One of their daughters has a rare compromised immune system and has been in and out of the hospital for the last few years.

Owner Krissy Cooper says with all the trials and health issues, popping kettle corn allows her to be more available to her family.

“Because it gives me an opportunity to be home through the journey with our daughter and all of her health issues. It opened our hearts and our eyes to becoming foster parents and we love that because it gives us a chance to be involved in our community locally,” Cooper says. “I feel like we’re giving back and this is another opportunity to be really involved in our community, so we feel like it’s just kind of full circle.”

The Coopers are at Farmers Market and ‘Revive at Five’ every week with kettle corn and shaved ice.

This article was first published by KPVI. It is used here with permission.