Holy cow! Did you see this little lady running through the streets of Idaho Falls this morning?

Idaho Falls

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Video courtesy Norb Damian

IDAHO FALLS — Animal control officers usually respond when a stray dog or cat is on the loose but Tuesday morning an unusual call came in: a cow was spotted taking a stroll through a busy downtown commercial district.

Police say the initial call came in around 8:50 a.m. when the cow was first seen on E street near the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Witnesses say the cow was walking down Park Street as cars tried to stop the large animal from proceeding any further.

Animal Control Officer Kerry Watts tells EastIdahoNews.com two cows escaped from the stockyard just off Northgate Mile and found their way to freedom. One was captured right away but the other decided to explore the city.

Animal control caught up to the cow near John Adams Parkway and Tendoy Drive around 11 a.m.

After nearly 20 minutes of chasing the cow around town, Watts says the animal tried to charge six or seven people. That’s when officers used a dart to calm the cow and get her safely home.