It’s official: VanderSloot’s record is now on the books

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IDAHO FALLS — The new world record is officially on the books.

Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot broke the world record in his age category in the 100 meter row competition Tuesday on a Concept 2 Rower.

Now the results have been posted on the Concept 2 rowing company’s website. VanderSloot completed his 100 meter row in 14.4 seconds.

The closest person in the same category is Arno Calonius of Finland. In 2016, he finished the row in 15.6 seconds.

Melaleuca employees gathered Tuesday afternoon in the gym and a large meeting room while thousands around the world watched VanderSloot break the record on Facebook live. He admitted he’s not an athlete but said if he did break the record, it was because of one thing: Melaleuca’s Peak Performance Nutrition Pack.

Ironically, as VanderSloot was training for the event, he broke the world record in the 60-69 age category the day before his 70th birthday. He finished 14.3 seconds.

VanderSloot says his rowing days are far from over and, with the Peak Performance Pack, he may break a few more records.

WATCH: Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot breaks world rowing record, will not step down