Dozens show up to raise money for Brooklyn’s Playground

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POCATELLO – Dozens of people visited OK Ward Park this morning to support the Southeast Idaho Buddy Walk, an event that not only supports the understanding and acceptance of those with Down Syndrome but also all disabilities.

The money generated from the event helps keep the playground clean, safe and open.

And the values of that playground line up with the event.

“Brooklyn’s play ground is a place for kids of all abilities to come together and play shoulder to shoulder with their peers,” Jonny Fisher, Father of Brooklyn, said. “It gives everybody an opportunity to play, to ask questions… Kids are curious… So it gives them a place to ask questions, get past the disability and just start focusing on the kid.”

Over a hundred people walked alongside superheroes and Disney princesses, and teams rounded the entire park.

Those with disabilities were able to participate for free, and it was a celebration of them.

The Pocatello chiefs made breakfast. Home Depot showed up with workshop projects, and many people donated their time to make the event happen.

“It’s a great place to come out… And see what these individuals are capable of,” Maria Neumann, the Buddy Walk Coordinator, said. “My daughter’s over here doing cartwheels… She’s making a football stadium with the home depot workshop… She’s also interacting with people… Letting people know that these individuals are here… But it is for her.”

The home depot workshop projects were the newest addition to the annual buddy walk.