Hurricane Florence impacts people in Oregon and Washington

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PORTLAND, Oregon — Hurricane Florence may be striking one part of the country, but the storm’s effects are being felt everywhere. People from Oregon and Washington are being affected too.

Portland-based rock band Veio was scheduled for a show in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Thursday night. But the storm forced them to change plans and race inland.

“We’ve been seeing on social media that people are hoping we’re staying safe,” said lead vocalist Cam Byrd. “We’ve been playing it smart; we haven’t done anything stupid, and we’re safe and out of harm’s way.”

Others from the Pacific Northwest are trying to get to the storm zone.

Jason Harte is a Washington team leader with Sheep Dog Impact Assistance. The national organization is comprised of military members, veterans, firefighters, police officers, and other first responders. Teams from around the country will help out in disaster zones as a way to continue service to communities.

“We’re standing by right now collecting donations to pay for our fuel,” said Harte. “That’s all we need. We usually pay for the rest of it out of our own pockets.”

Harte is hoping incoming donations could help send local teams to the storm zone.

This article was first published by fellow CNN affiliate KATU. It is used here with permission.