A delicious zucchini bread with only 5 ingredients that’s ready in a hurry

Tales of the Dinner Belle

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Watch how to make Belle’s Easy Cake Mix Zucchini Bread in the video above!

Tales of the Dinner Belle

I love zucchini. I love it sautéed, in salads, and especially in breads. This time of year I always plug my cookbook, “The Zucchini Houdini” because there are so many of you out there with loads of the squash and wondering what to do with it all.

In the book are dozens of recipes using zucchini. There are main dishes, soups, salads and even desserts. One of my favorites from the book is my easy cake mix zucchini bread. I literally make this almost weekly during this season. It is so easy and I can’t tell the difference between this and when I make bread completely from scratch … so why would I? This tasty treat is so simple that instead of hiding squash on your neighbor’s doorstep, you could be giving them this delicious bread.

Brenda Stanley is the mother of five children, including two sets of twins and a grandmother of seven. She is a cookbook author and novelist. For more recipes and information, visit her website www.brendastanleybooks.com.