A Feel Good Friday surprise for a man who has spent 40 years helping people who are locked out

Feel Good Friday

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EastIdahoNews.com and Ashley Furniture HomeStore are teaming up every week to bring you some good news during Feel Good Friday!

We want to surprise people in our community with random acts of kindness and leave you feeling good.

We recently received this email:

Mel Brown has owned and operated Mel’s Lock & Key in Idaho Falls for nearly 40 years. He works tirelessly every single day. He works after hours because people still need his help after regular business hours. He has done multiple runs in the middle of the night and has left countless family dinners just to go help others. He has had to leave concerts, programs, events, church, meetings, gatherings and more. He works nights, days, weekdays, weekends, holidays, and everything in between. He has ALWAYS given “baby lockouts” for FREE. He feels that the parents are scared and feel bad enough that he doesn’t need to collect money from them. Just reuniting the parent with the baby is reward enough for him. He has even worked closely with the Idaho Falls Police Department and the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office with opening cars for the baby lockouts, unlocking houses for welfare checks and re-keying most of their buildings. He has often times been the first one to see a deceased person before the police walk into the home, or finally hear the baby’s cry. He has been the shoulder to many tears when the relief finally sets in for the person who can finally get to their child, or finally feel safe in their own home after he has worked on their locks. He has gone for over 30 years without true recognition for all of his work…So many citizens count on him. He deserves real recognition before he retires and before Mel’s Lock & Key is not run by Mel anymore.

The email sender told us Mel loves Butterfinger candy bars, Coke and Cabela’s.

We decided to pay him a visit with a special surprise. Watch the video above to see how it turned out!

If you have an idea for Feel Good Friday, email Nate: neaton@eastidahonews.com.


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