First responders from east Idaho deployed to Florida helping with hurricane relief efforts

Idaho Falls

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Courtesy Kerry Hammon

IDAHO FALLS – A team of Idaho Falls first respondres are being deployed to Florida Wednesday to help with Hurricane Relief.

Kerry Hammon, a spokeswoman for the fire department, tell the 10 member Region 3 Type 3 All Hazards Incident Management Team will fly out of Idaho Falls Regional Airport this afternoon to Atlanta, Georgia.

From there, they will drive to Bay County, Florida. caught up with the crew before their flight to find out what they will be doing to help with relief efforts.

A member of the team told us they will set up base camp in Florida where they will remain for the next two weeks. Crew members were not clear exactly what they would be doing, but said they would receive further instructions when they arrived.

Chief Dave Hanneman and Kerry Hammon are among those being deployed. They also have team members from the police department, Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office, Jefferson County and the state.

The team is scheduled to fly back to Idaho Falls November 1.

We will post more information when it is available.