Lincoln Road in Idaho Falls re-opens with multi-lane roundabouts


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IDAHO FALLS — East Lincoln Road from Hitt Road to Crowley Road is now open with two new multi-lane roundabouts.

The roundabouts intersect Lincoln Road and Hitt Road as well as Lincoln Road and Ammon Road. The Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office wants people to know those roundabouts are significantly different from what was there before.

“We’re stressing to motorists that they need to pay extra attention to the traffic control devices and the road markings,” Bonneville County Sheriff’s office spokesperson Bryan Lovell said.

Lovell said there are three main things divers need to do to safely navigate the roundabouts.

1. Slow down. “There are posted speed limits … to help people travel smooth and safe through those intersections. ”

2. Yield to all lanes inside roundabout. “There are multiple lanes in these new roundabouts so it’s important to yield to all of the lanes before you proceed into the circle.”

3. Maintain your lane through the entire roundabout and beyond as you exit. “Maintain your lane as you enter, get into the lane that you intend to go in and maintain it all the way through until you exit.”

Lovell said if drivers adhere to these suggestions, traffic should flow smoothly and safely.

“We’re happy that it’s open now. It’s been a long time through construction season with that section of road,” he said. “The traffic does flow smoother thru there – as smooth as stoplights.”

Lovell said one thing law enforcement likes about roundabouts is that when there are crashes, they tend to be less severe.

A news release from the Sheriff’s Office said deputies will pay extra attention to the roundabouts for traffic and speeding violations.