Where Mayor Casper’s promised 1,100 new jobs are coming from


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EastIdahoNews.com file photo

IDAHO FALLS — Mayor Rebecca Casper recently claimed four city projects would bring 1,100 new jobs to the Idaho Falls-area.

Casper touted the impending growth during Thursday’s State of the City address, but not many details were given about the projects. So here’s a closer look at the projects and how they are expected to bring jobs to Idaho Falls:

INL Collaborative Computing Center (C3) and Cybercore

The two buildings broke ground in April 2018 on what used to be University Boulevard, now known as MK Simpson Boulevard.

The Collaborative Computing Center will be a place where INL researchers, Idaho universities and industry can explore computer modeling and simulation to develop new nuclear materials, advanced nuclear energy concepts and conduct scientific research, according to a news release.

The Cybercore Integration Center will host advanced electronics labs so industry, government, and academia can work together to solve cybersecurity and physical security issues to protect the nation’s critical infrastructure.

“We’re bringing new scientists and engineers into the workforce … also, the economic development that comes with constructing the buildings brings significant economic impact to the community and also the continued operations will be permanent jobs in the community,” INL Director Mark Peters said in a previous interview with EastIdahoNews.com.

Idaho Falls city spokesman Bud Cranor said the two new buildings are expected to bring over 500 new jobs to the area.

Idaho Falls Community Hospital

The Idaho Falls Community Hospital was announced in late October and will be built adjacent to Mountain View Hospital, though the two hospitals are separate organizations.

The hospital will offer patients an emergency room, in-patient services and an intensive care unit. Patients will be able to recover in one of the hospital’s 88-private rooms and family and friends visiting loved ones in the hospital can enjoy a restaurant-quality café and outdoor patio.

When the new hospital opens in late 2019, there will be approximately 300 credentialed doctors and more than 200 nurses and supporting positions.

Comprehensive Care Clinics

The Comprehensive Care Clinics is the result of a partnership with Bingham Healthcare and Eagle Rock Surgery Center. The center broke ground in Oct. 2017, and officially opened in Dec. 2018.

At just over 25,000 square feet, this new medical facility includes physician offices for outpatient clinic visits for cardiology, nephrology, interventional radiology, and interventional pain management, along with offering the latest technology in the region for peritoneal dialysis.

While Cranor didn’t have the exact number of jobs the center is bringing to Idaho Falls, he said it would round out the Mayor’s estimate of 1,100 new jobs from all four projects easily.