James Judd to bring his storytelling comedy show to eastern Idaho


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James Judd will be performing in Idaho Falls Saturday, April 13. | Courtesy photo

IDAHO FALLS — James Judd has never been to eastern Idaho but his visit on Saturday may turn into a family reunion.

The comedian, best known for his appearances on the National Public Radio show “Snap Judgment,” has extended family members in Idaho Falls whom he has never met.

“All the people on my father’s side of the family are Mormon. The family was in Utah for a long time and some worked their way up to Idaho. Now they are everywhere,” Judd tells EastIdahoNews.com during a phone interview. “I’m looking forward to making a lot of small comments in my show about that and I think it’s going to be fun.”

Judd says his father had five sisters and “they each had like 10 kids a piece.” He uses real stories from his family, childhood and life during his unique show that includes a live band, video screens, a few props and fast-paced comedy.

“This show is stand-up storytelling,” Judd explains. “It’s funny from beginning to end. The storytelling element is important and there’s music underneath, video and crazy costumes. It’s a complete theatrical experience.”

Judd left “Snap Judgment” in 2017 and has since taken his show across the country. He began his performance career as a stand-up comedian in California but left the industry to become a criminal defense attorney in New Hampshire.

He eventually returned to California and began performing again but did not want to spend his life doing stand-up comedy.

“Stand-up comedy is extremely aggressive. You have to kill it when you’re on stage and if you don’t, you die. It’s a competition all the time that never ends,” Judd says. “Comedy clubs exist to sell alcohol. It’s x number of drinks per x number of people for x amount of minutes. The comics are there as the placeholders to keep people entertained while the club sells drinks.”

Judd says his comedy is different because he’s sharing true stories about real life that everyone can relate to. He has decades of experience performing, practicing and “bringing the stories to life.”

“We tell stories all day long. Everybody does. Without even thinking about it, we’re telling stories,” Judd says. “There is a storytelling movement rising across the country.”

Judd has performed with the legendary improv troupe The Groundlings and The New Faces of the Hollywood Improv. The Washington Post describes his style as “loud, lightning fast and nonstop” while still maintaining a personal relationship with the audience “as if he’s simply recounting these absorbing personal anecdotes over dinner.”

Judd will be performing at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, April 13 at the Idaho Falls’ Colonial Theater. Tickets can be purchased by calling (208) 522-0471 or by clicking here.