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Man accused of sexually abusing teen targeted her at her high school, documents say

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IDAHO FALLS — A man is facing decades of potential prison time for sexually abusing a minor he allegedly targeted at a local high school.

Earlier this week, authorities arrested Timothy Allen Brewer, 30. He is accused of sexually abusing a 15-year-old girl.

The victim, now 16 years old, told investigators she was a teacher’s assistant for a special needs program at her high school. Brewer worked transporting students with special needs to the school. That’s where he and the victim allegedly got to know each other.

Court documents indicate Brewer would show up at the school early and take the time to talk with the victim. He allegedly told investigators he wanted to help her with problems and be a mentor to her.

The victim said they began just talking with one another, but talking soon turned to kissing.

Brewer is married with children. According to documents, when he told the victim this, she told him she was not comfortable with their relationship — with him being married and her being so young. She tried to break things off. However, they eventually started messaging each other again.

The teen victim told investigators when she and Brewer would meet up, Brewer would tell his boss he was taking the work van to be cleaned. He would use that time to be physical with the victim.

She told investigators she tried setting firm boundaries on their physical relationship. She said she would have to tell him firmly to stop what he was doing if it made her feel uncomfortable.

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However, documents show the victim was fearful of Brewer’s alleged temper. She told investigators she was afraid to tell him she was uncomfortable with him groping her, since whenever she had tried expressing her discomfort in the past, he would become angry with her.

She said she decided it was time to tell her parents what had been going on. Her parents filed a police report, and Brewer was asked to come in for an interview with detectives.

According to documents, the first time detectives talked to Brewer on the phone he said he “didn’t want anything to do with that girl.” Detectives noted that was odd because they hadn’t yet mentioned why they were calling.

When Brewer finally went in for the interview with detectives, they showed him the more than 90 pages of messages they uncovered between him and the victim.

At first, he denied he sent all of the messages saying “I did text her, but also let several people use my phone. People screw with me all the time.”

Detectives didn’t buy the explanation and continued to press him.

Brewer eventually admitted to sexually role-playing with the victim over messages, documents state. Police say he told them he had kissed her on multiple occasions.

Documents show the victim told investigators Brewer frequently and painfully groped her breasts and on one occasion did so under her clothing.

When questioned about this, Brewer adamantly denied ever doing what she described. However, after more questions from detectives, he did eventually admit to “brushing her breast and did slightly go underneath the bra,” according to court documents.

Sexual abuse of a child carries a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison.

Brewer’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 10.