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Owner finds missing semi-trailer but has to pay $15,000 to get it back


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Courtesy Sam Nelson

IDAHO FALLS– Owners of Dragon Fireworks are happy to announce they have found their semi-trailer, but they can’t have it back until they pay $15,000 to a towing company.

Melissa and Sam Nelson, who formerly resided in eastern Idaho, left the semi in the care of a friend while away living in Boise. The semi was parked 50 feet outside the parameters of Nelson’s father-in-law’s property without the owner’s knowledge of its placement. It held marketing materials and other equipment for their fireworks booth.

A nearby business reported the semi-trailer had been abandoned to law enforcement in November. The towing company was called and towed the trailer away.

“When a neighboring business saw it appear on the empty lot, they weren’t sure who it belonged to,” Sam Nelson says.

Nelson says no one knew who to contact because the trailer wasn’t registered as it was like a storage unit on wheels.

After posted a story about the missing trailer, the business who initially reported the trailer contacted the Nelsons.

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From there the Nelsons found out a local towing company had the trailer. The company, whom the Nelsons declined to name, charges $75 a day and had been holding the trailer for 205 days.

“Due to the circumstances and the ($15,000) bill, we have moved forward with plan B,” Nelson said.

Plan B is selling fireworks out of a tent instead of their wooden booths like they’re used to.

“We’re going to have a different look this year and go from there and see how everything turns out,” Nelson says. “(We’re) still the same fireworks family and still the same style of business.”

Nelson says they weren’t able to get the merchandise back from the trailer after locating it.

“I still don’t have the booths”. Nelson says. “We hope that the towing company can have a change of heart and see that it was an unfortunate mistake. If we would have known about this in November, we would have had it immediately moved to the appropriate lot. Things happen.”

The Nelsons continue in a further statement by saying: “Mistakes were made unintentionally. As the owners, we know how to make sure this won’t happen again. This was the first year (out of nine years) that we decided to store our semi-trailer elsewhere.”

Dragon Fireworks will still be located on Northgate Mile in Idaho Falls and the company hopes everyone can still enjoy the 4th of July.

“We’re moving forward and I just can’t thank the community, friends and family, East Idaho News and more for getting it out so quickly and helping us resolve this,” Nelson says.