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Feel Good Friday

A Feel Good Friday surprise for 2 brothers who rescued a freezing stranded woman and drove her to Wyoming

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EastIdahoNews.com and Ashley HomeStore are teaming up every week to bring you some good news during Feel Good Friday!

We want to thank people in our community with random acts of kindness and leave you feeling good.

Recently we received an email about two brothers who helped a woman stranded in Idaho Falls. Part of the message read:

On April 11, Chris Christensen stopped to help a stranded lady on Yellowstone Highway between Shelley and Idaho Falls. She had stayed there all night without a blanket or even a coat. She wasn’t parked in a manner that appeared like she was in distress…She thought she could turn the heater on to stay warm but the truck was dead.

Chris actually stopped to meet his wife as she headed out to a 12 hour shift at the hospital. After he stopped behind the truck, he got out with his 11 year old son to wait so his wife could see them. Next thing he knew he was being asked if he had a phone charger. The woman came out of the truck that had been there overnight through freezing temperatures. She was cold and hungry.

He felt bad that she wasn’t discovered sooner. He was going to go home to get a tow strap and his truck to tow her into a shop in Idaho Falls. She didn’t seem to know how to be towed so he called his brother, Flint Christensen, to help him get her truck to the shop. Luckily Flint just happened to be home from driving essential supplies across the country, and happened to be in possession of an F 350 and happened to have a car hauler trailer that happened to have a winch.

He had no idea what to do with her after he got her to a shop that would still be closed for 36 more hours. So, he trailered her truck, got her some food and drove her all the way back to Alpine Wyoming. Everything took six hours.

It was miracle that for some reason Chris stopped at that very spot to meet his wife, that Flint just happened to be home from driving and happened to have the very stuff that they needed to get her home safe. They would never toot their own horns but I think what they did should be shared to show how many great people are in our community and in this world.

We decided to thank Chris and Flint for Feel Good Friday. Chris runs a windshield glass repair company so we made an appointment for him to inspect one of our cars – little did he know he would be getting surprised!

Watch the video above to see what happened.

If you have an idea for Feel Good Friday, email neaton@eastidahonews.com.

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