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Secret Santa surprises preschool worker with gift to fix her shower

Secret Santa

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Secret Santa is back and this Christmas is bigger than ever!

The team is busy helping a local man gift more than $500,000 this holiday season. A lot more. Secret Santa is a real person who wants to remain anonymous and hopes to help as many people as he can.

We will be surprising deserving people and families every day from now until Christmas with gifts unique to their circumstances.

Kristi Berggren is the kindest, most selfless and genuinely good person you’ll ever meet. She is a beloved preschool teacher, a devout member of her church and goes about doing good all day long.

Before our grandma passed away, Kristi volunteered to pick her up and take her home from dialysis three times a week. She did this for 16 years. Kristi would pick up her grandma’s medicine, take her to appointments, grocery shop and help her in any way Grandma needed. Kristi never complained about helping. She serves quietly, without fanfare.

Kristi is a mom of five. Her oldest is 22 and her youngest is two and has special needs. He has complete agenesis of the corpus callosum. The two sides of his brain do not communicate with each other. Recently he was also diagnosed with a rare chromosomal deletion, which affects his DNA and has also causes seizures. When these seizures occur, he has to be hospitalized while doctors learn how to treat him and regulate her son’s medicine. He also has therapy four times/week. Caring for a special needs child, working, raising five kids, and helping others daily keep Kristi and Karl extraordinarily busy.

Kristi and her husband, Karl, are equally selfless and compassionate. They quietly help others, even when it is inconvenient. They consistently have an “open-home” policy if someone needs help.

The Berggrens need their shower repaired. The concrete and tile aren’t aligned and the shower leaks so they haven’t been able to use the shower in ten years. There are seven people sharing one shower in the house.

Secret Santa asked the East Idaho News elves to pay a visit to Kristi at work and give her an early Christmas gift. Watch the surprise in the video player above!

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