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Car crashing into apartment ‘was just feet from us’ woman says

Idaho Falls

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The damage left behind after a car crashed into an Idaho Falls apartment Wednesday night. | Courtesy Nicole Casperson

IDAHO FALLS — A car crashed into an Idaho Falls apartment Wednesday night just feet from a mother and her sleeping baby.

Nicole Casperson and her baby daughter were in her bedroom watching a movie around 8:30 p.m. Without any warning, Casperson says a car going down the alley by her Whittier Street apartment came crashing into the wall.

“I had to take a second and process what happened,” Casperson tells “By the time I had everything collected in my mind, they were already gone.”

Casperson explains her daughter’s crib sits along the wall the car crashed into, but thankfully because the baby was with her, they were left unharmed.

“It was just feet from us,” Casperson says. “She slept through the whole thing … the term ‘slept like a baby’ has a new meaning for me.”

Once Casperson realized what happened, she called the Idaho Falls Police Department who came to investigate.

Courtesy Nicole Casperson

“Not even an hour later, the driver called dispatch and reported it had been them that caused the damage,” IFPD spokeswoman Jessica Clements says. “The person said they got stuck in the snow and were trying to get out. When they did they crashed into the building.”

Police are still reviewing the circumstances of the crash, Clements says.

Police say whenever you crash into anything it is always better to stop, assess the damage and contact the owner of the property. Clements says accidents happen and if you leave it could result in someone being charged with a misdemeanor.

“Just staying and taking responsibility is the best,” Clements says.” The worst thing that is going to happen to you in that case that you may be responsible for some damage.”

Casperson said since the incident, her boss put her and her daughter in a hotel while the landlord works with the insurance company to see how to move forward with repairs.

“Just be upfront,” Casperson said. “Yes it happened, but you can always stick around and make sure the people in the house are okay and they want to make sure you are okay.”