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Local man charged with felony stalking, witness intimidation


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IDAHO FALLS – An Idaho Falls man has been charged with felony first-degree stalking and felony witness intimidation after allegedly forcing his way into a woman’s home.

Alexus Jose Mojica, 25, was served a no-contact order from the woman after allegedly breaking into her car on June 9 and breaking the front light of the vehicle. He was arrested that day for misdemeanor malicious injury to property.

Police were then dispatched to an Idaho Falls residence on June 14 for a violation of the no-contact order. Authorities learned that Mojica had allegedly been violating the order every day since it was issued.

Mojica claimed he had been invited to the residence, and that he was not aware that the victim was there.

Police spoke to both the owner of the home and the victim, who told police that he had not been invited to come over.

The victim told police that Mojica had been stalking her since 5 a.m. that morning, when he broke into her home through a window, asking her for money. The victim said that she gave him money and cigarettes because she was afraid that he would hurt her and a child that was at her home.

Prior to coming to the house, Mojica had allegedly sent the victim texts stating, “I know you’re in your house”, “I’m mad as f***”, and “I’m coming to find you”. He also reportedly threatened to kick down the victim’s front door if she did not let him in.

According to court documents, Mojica allegedly also sent threatening messages to the victim’s friends.

Mojica denied sending the text messages and allowed police to search his phone. He ended up admitting that he sent the text messages, after police found texts on Mojica’s phone that were sent to the victim, telling her in all caps, “You’ve been ignoring me all day… I’m f****** seeing you today.”

In the text messages, Mojica also implied that he was at the victim’s house earlier in the day as well, texting her, “let me in fool”, and “Guess I’ll let myself in”.

Police were also informed by the victim that Mojica had allegedly held the victim against her will earlier this year when he allegedly sent pictures of himself and the victim engaging in sexual activity to the victim’s friend, after the friend refused to have sex with him. Police were also told that Mojica had stolen the victim’s ring doorbell from her house.

The preliminary hearing is set for June 28.

If convicted of felony stalking, Mojica faces up to 5 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. If convicted of witness intimidation, he faces 5 years in prison and a $50,000 fine.