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East Idaho Spay and Neuter Coalition to hold Pints ‘N Purrs fundraiser Saturday

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IDAHO FALLS — Idaho Falls has way too many cats to meet the local demand for pet kitties, which leads to many animals suffering, being abused and dying. The East Idaho Spay and Neuter Coalition are working toward alleviating some of this suffering and are holding their third annual Pints ‘N Purrs event this weekend to raise funds to put towards that goal.

Hosted by the Idaho Brewing Company on their patio, Pints N’ Purrs is a party for animal lovers of all stripes. For a $15 cover charge, attendees get two pints of their choice, plus a coupon for a future visit to Idaho Brewing Co. Attendees also have the opportunity to enter into the event’s numerous raffles.

“This is one of our most fun events,” EISNC spokesperson Brian DeRusha told EastIdahoNews.com. “We have (local band) Almost Famous outside playing music. They were there last year and they were a real hit. They do music here in town and they’re usually really busy, so we got them a year in advance. They’re a really fun group.”

Add to the music and prizes some good things to eat.

“We also have Park Avenue Grill cooking up tacos for people that night, too,” DeRusha said. “So we’ll have food, music and beer.”

The goal of the event is to provide needed funds for controlling the population of unwanted cats. EISNC works with several other local organizations, including Idaho Falls Animal Shelter, Humane Society of the Upper Valley and Snake River Animal Shelter, to attack the local cat overpopulation problem.

“We all work together pretty closely in the community,” said DeRusha. “The Coalition is very singularly focused on feline spay/neuter for resident (cats). This particular program is not for the feral community. Our program is for people who could use a financial hand in getting their kitty spayed or neutered.”

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Adam Forsgren, EastIdahoNews.com

DeRusha said the EISNC program works by providing digital coupons to cat owners, who then take their cats to an appointed clinic and pay a $20 co-pay. The Coalition covers the remaining costs of the procedure.

The Coalition was created in 2016 by animal lovers hoping to address local cat overpopulation issues.

“The need was horrendous because of the number of kitties that were being euthanized through the shelters,” Derusha said. “If there is one number you want to fix, that’s the one because it points to overpopulation. The reason for all those euthanasias in those earlier days was overpopulation. Too many cats coming in.”

EISNC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. They use funds that come in through donations, grants and fundraisers to fulfill their mission. DeRusha said their Pints N’ Purrs fundraiser is an event, cat lover or not, can enjoy.

“I think this is an event for anyone who would like to attend,” he said. “Generally speaking, animal lovers are what we almost exclusively run into (at Pints N’ Purrs). It surprises me how many people who are dog owners, and not cat owners, come. We’d love for not just the cat owners, but the dog owners to come out and support us. It’s just a very fun evening and that patio at IBC is a very comfortable venue and the people who have been there the past few years have thoroughly enjoyed themselves.”

East Idaho Spay and Neuter Coalition’s Pints N’ Purrs fundraiser is scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 13 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Idaho Brewing Company in Idaho Falls. If you would like more information on EISNC or would like to make a donation, visit the Coalition’s Facebook page.

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