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Chubbuck man arrested following alleged ax attack

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CHUBBUCK — Police say a man’s judgment was “flawed” when he used an axe to defend himself during an altercation.

Kevin Lee Farnsworth, 43, has been charged with a felony for aggravated assault, court records show.

Chubbuck police received a call just before midnight on Oct. 16 reporting a physical disturbance on the 4700 block of Yellowstone Avenue, according to an affidavit of probable cause. While en route, officers were informed that the disturbance involved a man attacking another man with an ax.

When they arrived, officers spoke with several witnesses who said that a man, later identified as Farnsworth, had been wielding an ax but put it away before officers arrived.

Officers found an ax inside Farnsworth’s home and moved it to a police cruiser.

The victim told officers that as he left his home heading towards a friend’s car, he saw Farnsworth standing near the car and told Farnsworth to leave his friend alone.

Officers spoke with the friend, who told them she asked the victim to come quick because Farnsworth made her uncomfortable.

The victim said, after a brief verbal exchange, Farnsworth punched him in the head. Farnsworth then went inside his home and came back out carrying the ax, the victim told police.

Farnsworth was holding the ax down at his side for the most part, the victim told police, but at one point held it up toward him and was within feet of him.

The victim’s friend said Farnsworth punched the victim then tackled him to the ground. At one point, she told officers she left her vehicle intending to separate the two men. But when she realized Farnsworth was carrying an ax she backed up.

A witness who was inside Farnsworth’s home with him prior to the incident said Farnsworth became paranoid when a vehicle parked in front of his home and was holding a bat as he watched the vehicle through his window. That witness told police that Farnsworth had gone outside and after a brief interaction came back into the home, grabbed the ax and went back outside.

While speaking with officers, Farnsworth said, “If you’re going to arrest me, then just do it,” the affidavit says.

He agreed to speak with officers at the scene, telling them that he had just been in the hospital receiving treatment for kidney stones and was not in his right mind. Farnsworth went on to say that a man had recently stolen some items from a woman in the same area of the neighborhood and was concerned the vehicle was the same man.

As he was speaking with the driver, Farnsworth said the victim yelled at him and hen started walking toward him, so he punched the victim. When he realized multiple people were approaching, he thought he was being attacked so he armed himself with the ax.

In their reports, officers noted that Farnsworth expressed interest in stabbing the suspect during police investigation of the previous robbery. Furthermore, officers noted that Farnsworth told police drones were flying above that robbery recording it.

Due to his statements at this incident and the previous incident, officers determined Farnsworth’s judgment in using a weapon to defend himself was “somewhat flawed.” He was placed under arrest and taken to Bannock County Jail and booked.

He was released after posting a $25,000 bond.

Though Farnsworth has been charged with this crime, it does not necessarily mean he committed it. Everyone is presumed innocent until they are proven guilty.

If he is found guilty, Farnsworth could face up to five years in prison.

He is scheduled to appear in court before Magistrate Judge David Hooste for a preliminary hearing on Oct. 26.