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Don’t ignore the odds with breast cancer

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Odds of winning the lottery, according to Powerball, are about 1 in 292 million. And yet, millions of people still believe they have a chance of being that one. And if this article was about truly increasing your chances to beat the odds, it would be read and re-read closely by tens of thousands of people hoping to improve their life.

“People seem to take their lottery chances far more seriously than a life-threatening disease.”

So here’s some bad news and good news. This article isn’t going to help you win the lottery. The good news is that it will significantly increase your chances of winning a far better prize for you or a loved one, so we hope that you’ll read on.

A woman has a 12.9% chance of developing breast cancer during her lifetime, according to the National Cancer Institute. That’s about a 1 in 8 chance and far more likely than winning the lottery. And yet people seem to take their lottery chances far more seriously than a life-threatening disease.

Find the One is the new initiative adopted by the caring physicians of Teton Radiology to help educate and increase Breast Cancer Awareness in your East Idaho community. And this education is important because, for the 1 in 8 women who will develop breast cancer, 98% of them will survive IF the cancer is detected while in Stage 1.

This is why Finding the One is so important. It’s a hunt to find cancer before it’s too late. Will you help us Find the One? You can help with both education and diagnosis. Teton Radiology has partnered with a leader in breast cancer education, the Know Your Lemons Foundation, to bring this global initiative to East Idaho.

We invite you to learn more and become involved. Everybody can help in some way, whether it’s participating in a local event, sharing the message with your friends, or making it easier for yourself to keep your screening appointment!

So do yourself a favor. Take five minutes to open this link and open your eyes to the chance to save a life. Your decision to learn more can make all the difference for the 1 in 8 that depends on an early diagnosis to save their life.