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Here’s one way to get rid of stubborn fat


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Patricia lost 87 pounds in nine months. | Fit Fast 4 Health

This article is brought to you by Fit Fast 4 Health, the premier noninvasive body contouring center in East Idaho. It’s locally owned and operated, with a friendly staff ready to help you lose pounds of PURE FAT in relaxing spa-like sessions. Book your free educational consultation today! Click here to learn more.

Do you have stubborn fat?

Nearly everyone has at least one part of their body that has stubborn fat, which just won’t go away no matter how much they diet and exercise. It’s time to stop doing the fad diets, counting calories, invasive surgeries with all its risks, and spending hours and hours in the gym. There is a better way!

At Fit Fast 4 Health, we believe in living a healthy lifestyle and staying active through regular exercise. But you don’t have to go to extremes. Think about this: We use technology every day, so doesn’t it make sense to use technology to shrink stubborn fat? Absolutely!

What is the answer?

LED and infrared technology have been around for decades. When the light is set at a specific frequency, it can get the body in lipolysis, or fat-burning mode. When you lie in a red light technology “bed,” the entire body can benefit. Wherever that red light shines, you’ll see a reduction of inches and pure fat over a matter of sessions. Many also see an improvement in their skin tone as well.

Again, there’s no reason to do anything potentially harmful or invasive like surgery or crazy restrictive diets. Our technology truly enhances your efforts you’re doing at home. When you are already taking steps to eat well and exercise, adding in this technology can speed up your results. This technology has helped people needing to lose 10 pounds to people needing to shed more than 80 pounds! The more you come, the more you lose.

Patricia (pictured above) is one example. She felt stuck in her goals. She was to the point she wanted invasive weight reduction surgery. Instead, she used the non-invasive technology light bed. Within a few weeks she was down inches and pounds, and she kept going and in nine months lost 87 pounds and has kept it off.

Patricia says, “The inches were practically falling off my body. I felt great, it was so easy and I can’t stop telling others how this technology has changed my life. I’m a new person!”

Who can use this technology?

This is for anyone of any age and shape. It has helped clients age 18 to 92. (Really!) It’s also important to note that there is no pain, no down time and only positive results. The only known side effect is that you’ll have to buy new clothes or start wearing those clothes in the back of your closet again.