LDS Church Reviewing Boy Scout Proposal


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(SALT LAKE CITY, UT) – Leaders of the LDS Church are reviewing a new proposal from the Boy Scouts of America that would allow for openly gay youth to join the organization. Under the measure, which many consider a compromise, the BSA would maintain its ban on gay adult leaders. Scouting authorities say there are more Mormon Boy Scouts nationally than any other religious denomination. The LDS Church forbids same-sex relationships but has also supported non-discrimination ordinances based on housing and employment

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  • Bot

    Father Benedict Groeschel of Larchmont, New York, the Catholic Church’s expert on abuse by priests, says that 90 percent of the abuse of children by priests was done by the 10 percent of Catholic priests that are homosexual. That means that homosexual priests abused children 81 times as frequently as heterosexual priests and are responsible for 90 percent of the loss of endowments for Catholic hospitals, schools and orphanages.

    The Boy Scouts do not want to expose their organization to the same fate.

    • $23918221

      The problem is not the gays, it’s the christianity. and by the way bub: Bible God is clear on this point. Mormons are heretics. They can call themselves whatever they want, and they still are not christians. you’ve been sniffing too much hat, if you think they are.