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Antelope Flats US-26 Northwest Antelope Flats US-26 Southeast

Antelope Flats - US-26

Blackfoot I-15 North Blackfoot I-15 South

Blackfoot - I-15

US-30 East US-30 West

Gem Valley

US-20 South US-20 North

Henry's Lake

Heyburn I-84 Northwest Heyburn I-84 East


Idaho Falls I-15 South Idaho Falls I-15 East

Idaho Falls

Island Park US-20 North Island Park US-20 Southwest

Island Park

Jackson Hole

Webcam brought to you by Jackson Trade Co. and Gray Crane Studios

Juniper I-84 Northeast Juniper I-84 West


Lone Pine ID-28 Northwest Lone Pine ID-28 Southwest

Lone Pine

Palisades US-26 Southeast Palisades US-26 Northwest


Pocatello I-15 North Pocatello I-15 Northeast


St. Anthony US-20 Southwest St. Anthony US-20 Northeast

St. Anthony

Teton Pass facing west Teton Pass facing east

Teton Pass

Thornton US-20 East Thornton US-20 West


Malad I-15 North Malad I-15 Southwest

Utah-Idaho Border (Malad)