Cleveland Police Officer Found Not Guilty in 2012 Shooting Deaths

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Delaware is just one of several states where legislation to protect parental opt outs is under consideration. Some legislation aims to simply legalize parental choices, while others aim to protect schools and teachers from consequences for opt outs. (©

Testing opt out movement picks up steam, as legislatures consider policy changes

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Just under 10,000 Americans will die of melanoma — the deadliest form of skin cancer — this year alone. But the majority of people in the U.S. still don’t use sunscreen, according to a new study. (©

Majority of Americans don’t use sunscreen, study reveals

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According to a new survey from the American Federation of Teachers, today’s instructors across the nation are becoming increasingly stressed, and they’re quick to complain about unfunded mandates like the Common Core curriculum standards. (Bojan Kontrec, ©

Here’s why today’s teachers are so stressed

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Buffett: Raising Minimum Wage to $15 Would ‘Reduce Employment in a Major Way’

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The boy who donned a cape and fought his way into the hearts of spectators across the world almost two years ago is back, and with a bang. (Courtesy: YouTube)

‘Batkid Begins’ trailer brings back little boy who captivated millions

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With the possible in-state tuition rate extinction and rising costs of higher education, cost is becoming an even larger factor for students seeking degrees than ever before. (Vinko Murko, ©

10 cheapest colleges for out-of-state students

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Casey (Britt Robertson) 

Ph: Film Frame

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I did not predict the brilliance of “Tomorrowland”

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BYU-Idaho health plan soon won’t qualify as insurance under Affordable Health Care Act

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ISU Biological Sciences Professor Terry Bowyer honored for deer-management research

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_grd01.086405 - Madison Bowen (Kennedi Clements) discovers apparitions that have invaded her family’s home.

“Poltergeist”: German for “Meh”

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Memorial Day 2015: The Real Story Behind the Holiday

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