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ABC Scoreboard Roundup 12/7/14

ABC Scoreboard Roundup 12/7/14

Hemera/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- NFL: Baltimore Ravens 28 (8-5) - Miami Dolphins 13 (7-6)

Carolina Panthers 41 (4-8) - New Orleans Saints 10 (5-8)

Houston Texans 27 (7-6) - Jacksonville Jaguars 13 (2-11)

Indianapolis Colts (9-4) - Cleveland Browns 24 (7-6)

New York Giants 36 (4-9) - Tennessee Titans 7 (2-11)

Minnesota Vikings 30 (6-7) - New York Jets 24 - (2-11) Overtime

Pittsburgh Steelers 42 (8-5) - Cincinnati Bengals 21 (8-4)

St. Louis Rams 24 (6-7) - Washington Redskins 0 (3-10)

Detroit Lions 34 (9-4) - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17 (2-11)

Denver Broncos 24 (10-3) - Buffalo Bills 17 (7-6)

Arizona Cardinals 17 (10-3) - Kansas City Chiefs 14 (7-6)

Oakland Raiders 24 (2-11) - San Francisco 49ers 13 (7-6)

Seattle Seahawks 24 (9-4) - Philadelphia Eagles 14 (9-4)

New England Patriots 23 (10-3) - San Diego Chargers 14 (8-5)

NBA: Boston Celtics 101 (7-11) - Washington Wizards 93 (13-6)

Atlanta Hawks 96 (13-6) - Denver Nuggets 84 (9-11)

Memphis Grizzlies 103 (16-4) - Miami Heat 87 (9-11)

Oklahoma City Thunder 96 (7-13) - Detroit Pistons 94 (3-18)

Dallas Mavericks 125 (16-6) - Milwaukee Bucks 102 (11-11)

Portland Trail Blazers 103 (16-4) - New York Knicks 99 (4-18)

New Orleans Pelicans 104 (9-10) - Los Angeles Lakers 87 (4-16)

NHL: Anaheim Ducks 4 (18-6-5, 41pts) - Winnipeg Jets 3 (14-9-5, 33pts) - Overtime

Detroit Red Wings 3 (17-6-5, 39pts) - Carolina Hurricanes 1 (8-15-3, 19pts)

Ottawa Senators 4 (11-11-5, 27pts) - Vancouver Canucks 3 (18-8-2, 38pts) - Overtime

Edmonton Oilers 2 (7-15-5, 19pts) - San Jose Sharks 1 (14-11-4, 32 pts)

NCAA Men's Basketball Top-25: (1) Kentucky 82 (9-0) - Eastern Kentucky 49 (4-3)

(12) North Carolina 108 (6-2) - East Carolina 64 (4-5)

Washington 49 (7-0) - (13) San Diego State 36 (6-2)

(16) West Virginia 67 (8-1) - Northern Kentucky 42 (3-5)

Clemson 68 (5-3) - (18) Arkansas 65 (6-2)

MLS Cup Final: Los Angeles Galaxy 2 - New England Revolution 1

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Scoreboard Roundup – 12/3/14

Scoreboard Roundup – 12/3/14

Hemera/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- NBA:  Chicago Bulls 102 (12-7) – Charlotte Hornets 95 (4-15)

Washington Wizards 111 (12-5) – Los Angeles Lakers 95 (5-14)

Boston Celtics 109 (5-11) – Detroit Pistons 102 (3-16) OT

Brooklyn Nets 95 (8-9) – San Antonio Spurs 93 (13-5) OT

Atlanta Hawks 112 (11-6) – Miami Heat 102 (9-9)

Houston Rockets 105 (14-4) – Memphis Grizzlies 96 (15-3)

Dallas Mavericks 107 (15-5) – Milwaukee Bucks 105 (10-10)

Philadelphia 76ers 85 (1-17) – Minnesota Timberwolves 77 (4-13)

Top 25 Men’s College Basketball: (10) Villanova 84 (7-0) – La Salle 70 (4-3)

Iowa 60 (6-2) – (12) North Carolina 55 (5-2)

Notre Dame 79 (7-1) – Michigan State 78 (5-3) OT

(23) Butler 77 (6-1) – Indiana State 54 (3-4)

NHL:  Chicago Blackhawks 4 (16-8-1; 33pts) – St. Louis Blues 1 (16-7-2; 34pts)

Minnesota Wild 2 (14-9-1; 29pts) – Montreal Canadiens 1 (17-8-2; 36pts)

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Scoreboard Roundup – 11/29/14

Scoreboard Roundup – 11/29/14

Hemera/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Top 25 College Football: (3) Florida State 24 (12-0) - Florida 19 (6-5) 

(19) Ole Miss 31 (9-3) - (4) Mississippi State 17 (10-2)

(6) Ohio State 42 (11-1) - Michigan 28 (5-7)

(7) Baylor 48 (10-1) - Texas Tech 46 (4-8)

(10) Michigan State 34 (10-2) - Penn State 10 (6-6)

(12) Kansas State 51 (9-2) - Kansas 13 (3-9)

(14) Wisconsin 34 (10-2) - (18) Minnesota 24 (8-4)

(16) Georgia Tech 30 (10-2) - (9) Georgia 24 (9-3)

(21) Clemson 35 (9-3) - South Carolina 17 (6-6)

(22) Louisville 44 (9-3) - Kentucky 40 (5-7)

(25) Utah 38 (8-4) - Colorado 34 (2-10)

NHL: New York Rangers 5 (11-8-4, 26pts) - Philadelphia Flyers 2 (8-12-3, 19pts)

Top 25 College Basketball: (9) Wichita State 75 (4-0) - Tulsa 55 (3-3)

Old Dominion 73 (5-1) - (14) VCU 67 (4-2)

(19) Michigan 91 (5-1) - Nicholls State 62 (0-4)


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Mark Cuban Suggests Realignment in the NBA

Mark Cuban Suggests Realignment in the NBA

MichaEL Buckner/Getty Images for Reality Rocks(NEW YORK) -- The Western Conference has eight of the top-10 teams in the NBA record-wise, and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban thinks the league would benefit from realignment.

If Cuban had his way, the San Antonio Spurs, Houston Rockets, and New Orleans Pelicans would move over to the Eastern Conference while the Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons, Indiana Pacers, and Milwaukee Bucks would shift over to the Western Conference.

"It's not like you're reducing competition," said Cuban. "You keep Cleveland, Washington and other good teams in the East. It kind of shakes things up in terms of not just interest but also in terms of how people rebuild.

"It just changes things up and it changes the thought process of a lot of teams. It makes both conferences very competitive, at least for the short term and I think, based on the history of the teams, for the long term as well."

Cuban has not discussed his idea with commissioner Adam Silver.

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Scoreboard Roundup – 11/24/14

Scoreboard Roundup – 11/24/14

Hemera/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- NFL Week 12: Buffalo Bills 38 (6-5) – New York Jets 3 (2-9)

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers 113 (8-5) – Charlotte Hornets 92 (4-11)

Cleveland Cavaliers 106 (6-7) – Orlando Magic 74 (6-10)

Portland Trail Blazers 114 (11-3) – Philadelphia 76ers 104 (0-14)

Toronto Raptors 104 (12-2) – Phoenix Suns 100 (9-6)

Houston Rockets 91 (11-3) – New York Knicks 86 (4-11)

Indiana Pacers 111 (6-8) – Dallas Mavericks 100 (10-5)

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins 3 (14-4-2; 30pts) – Boston Bruins 2 (13-9-1; 27pts) OT

New York Islanders 1 (15-6-0; 30pts) – Philadelphia Flyers 0 (8-9-3; 19pts) SO

Detroit Red Wings 4 (11-5-5; 27pts) – Ottawa Senators 3 (9-7-4; 22pts)

Minnesota Wild 4 (12-8-0; 24pts) – Florida Panthers 1 (7-6-6; 20pts)

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Scoreboard Roundup – 11/19/14

Scoreboard Roundup – 11/19/14

Hemera/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- NBA: San Antonio Spurs 92 (7-4) – Cleveland Cavaliers 90 (5-5)

Indiana Pacers 88 (5-7) – Charlotte Hornets 86 (4-8)

Los Angeles Clippers 114 (6-4) – Orlando Magic 90 (5-8)

Boston Celtics 101 (4-6) – Philadelphia 76ers 90 (0-11)

Dallas Mavericks 105 (9-3) – Washington Wizards 102 (7-3)

Phoenix Suns 88 (7-5) – Detroit Pistons 86 (3-9)

Toronto Raptors 96 (9-2) – Memphis Grizzlies 92 (10-2)

Minnesota Timberwolves 115 (3-7) – New York Knicks 99 (3-10)

Top 25 Men’s College Basketball: Creighton 65 (3-0) – (18) Oklahoma 63 (1-1)

NHL: New York Rangers 2 (7-7-4; 18pts) - Philadelphia Flyers 0 (7-7-2; 16pts)

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Scoreboard Roundup – 11/17/14

Scoreboard Roundup – 11/17/14

Hemera/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- NBA: Dallas Mavericks 107 (8-3) - Charlotte Hornets 80 (4-7)

Denver Nuggets 106 (3-7) - Cleveland Cavaliers 97 (5-4)

Orlando Magic 107 (5-7) - Detroit Pistons 93 (3-8)

Phoenix Suns 118 (5-5) - Boston Celtics 114 (3-5)

NHL: Tampa Bay Lightning 5 (13-4-2, 26pts)   - New York Rangers 1 (7-7-4, 18pts)

Top-25 College Basketball: (7) Louisville 88 (2-0) - Jacksonville State 39 (0-2)

Miami 69 (2-0) - (8) Florida 67 (1-1)

(12) Villanova 81 (2-0) - Maryland-Eastern Shore 44 (0-2)

(24) Michigan 77 (2-0) - Bucknell 53 (1-1)

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Nowitzki Passes Hakeem Olajuwon on All-Time Scoring List

Nowitzki Passes Hakeem Olajuwon on All-Time Scoring List

NBA via Dallas Mavericks(DALLAS) -- Dirk Nowitzki moved past Hakeem Olajuwon into ninth place on the all-time scoring list on Tuesday night, making him the only international player in the top-ten

Nowitzki finished with 23 points in their 106-98 victory over the Kings to give him 26,953 in his career.

"It's an honor," Nowitzki said. "To do it at home, it was even more special. Getting a standing ovation, it was great."

"Hakeem, to me, was one of the greatest," Nowitzki continued. "I grew up watching him in the 90s. His footwork, his touch, was next to no other. I'm really humbled to keep climbing the ladder, blessed to stay healthy, and play at a semi-high level, I guess."

The 12-time All-Star had his longtime short doctor and mentor, Holger Geschwindner, in the crowd to see it as well.

"It's great for him to be here and see it," Nowitzki said. "He meant so much to me in my career and he still does. I'm 36 years old and we still work on my game like I'm 21 years old. It's fair to say that without him I wouldn't be sitting at number 9 right now."

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Scoreboard Roundup – 11/11/14

Scoreboard Roundup – 11/11/14

Hemera/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- NBA: Toronto Raptors 104 (7-1) – Orlando Magic 100 (2-6)

Memphis Grizzlies 107 (7-1) – Los Angeles Lakers 102 (1-6)

Milwaukee Bucks 85 (4-4) – Oklahoma City Thunder 78 (2-6)

Dallas Mavericks 106 (5-3) – Sacramento Kings 98 (5-3)

NHL:  New Jersey Devils 3 (7-7-2; 16pts) – Minnesota Wild 1 (7-7-0; 14pts)

New York Islanders 6 (10-5-0; 20pts) – Colorado Avalanche 0 (4-8-5; 13pts)

New York Rangers 5 (7-6-2; 16pts) – Pittsburgh Penguins 0 (10-3-1; 21pts)

Washington Capitals 4 (7-5-3; 17pts) – Columbus Blue Jackets 2 (4-10-1; 9pts)

Montreal Canadiens 3 (11-4-1; 23pts) – Winnipeg Jets 0 (8-6-2; 18pts)

Florida Panthers 4 (5-4-4; 14pts) – San Jose Sharks 1 (8-7-2; 18pts)

St. Louis Blues 6 (10-4-1; 21pts) – Buffalo Sabres 1 (3-12-2; 8pts)

Nashville Predators 3 (10-3-2; 22pts) – Edmonton Oilers 2 (6-9-1; 13pts) 

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Fan Dies at Trail Blazers Game After Collapsing in Stands

Fan Dies at Trail Blazers Game After Collapsing in Stands

Christopher Trotman/Getty Images(PORTLAND, Or) -- Tragedy struck the game between the Dallas Mavericks and Portland Trail Blazers last night as a female fan collapsed during the fourth quarter and later died.

Sandra Zickefoose, 67, received immediate medical attention after she fell unconscious in the lower bowl of the arena and was soon rushed to a local hospital. 

Zickefoose and her husband had been season ticket holders of the Trail Blazers since 2011, according to the team.

The Trail Blazers released a statement after hearing the news of Zickefoose's death:

"The Portland Trail Blazers, our players and Rose Quarter staff are saddened to learn of Ms. Zickefoose's death, and extend our deepest condolences to her husband Michael Cowan, and their family. We are grateful to all on-site medical personnel, other first responders and the medical professionals seated near Ms. Zickefoose who administered treatment and assistance during last night's emergency. We also thank Trail Blazers fans for their tremendous outpouring of support and concern."

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Scoreboard Roundup – 11/3/14

Scoreboard Roundup – 11/3/14

Hemera/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- NBA: Houston Rockets 104 (4-0) – Philadelphia 76ers 93 (0-4)

Brooklyn Nets 116 (2-1) – Oklahoma City Thunder 85 (1-3)

Memphis Grizzlies 93 (4-0) – New Orleans Pelicans 81 (1-2)

Dallas Mavericks 118 (3-1) – Boston Celtics 113 (1-2)

NHL: St. Louis Blues 4 (7-3-1; 15pts) – New York Rangers 3 (5-4-2; 12pts) SO

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ESPN: Timberwolves Set to Waive Guard J.J. Barea

ESPN: Timberwolves Set to Waive Guard J.J. BareaRonald Martinez/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- As he enters the final season of his contract, ESPN reports the Minnesota Timberwolves are set to buyout guard J.J. Barea. If Barea and the Timberwolves reach a buyout, it will enable him to become a free agent...

Mavericks’ Rick Carlisle Apologizes for Calling Out Chandler Parsons

Mavericks’ Rick Carlisle Apologizes for Calling Out Chandler Parsons

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images(DALLAS) -- A couple of days after criticizing newly-signed forward Chandler Parsons for his weight and conditioning, Dallas Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle has apologized for his comments.

"An increase of 18 to 20 pounds is just too much," Carlisle said Friday night. "We talked about it today. We talk about it a lot. He'll get there, but he looked tired out there and a little heavy-legged, and the extra 7 or 8 pounds aren't helping."

Carlisle realized he was wrong to publicly criticize Parsons, and promptly apologized.

"It was unfair and inappropriate to single out Chandler Parsons after the game Friday night," Carlisle wrote in a statement issued Sunday afternoon. "I have apologized to him and the entire team for this error in judgment. Not only is Chandler Parsons one of our best players, he is also one of our hardest working players and the kind of high-character person we strive to bring to our city and franchise."

Parsons, who signed a three-year deal with the Mavericks this past summer worth $46 million, says he has moved on from the incident.

"It just shows what kind of guy he is," Parsons said of Carlisle's apology. "We're in this together. Everybody makes mistakes, and he came to me as a man. We have a great relationship. It's in the past, and we're going to move forward. It's over with."

Last season with the Houston Rockets, Parsons averaged 16.6 points, 5.5 rebounds, and 4.0 assists per game.

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Dallas Mavericks Sign G Doran Lamb

Dallas Mavericks Sign G Doran Lamb

iStock/Thinkstock(DALLAS) -- The Dallas Mavericks signed free agent guard Doran Lamb on Monday. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

In 53 games with the Orlando Magic last season, Lamb averaged 3.6 points, 0.9 rebounds and 0.8 assists per game. The three-year NBA veteran was originally selected by the Milwaukee Bucks out of Kentucky in the second round of the 2012 NBA draft.

Lamb was a member of Kentucky’s 2012 NCAA championship team. As a sophomore, he averaged 13.7 points in 31.2 minutes of action.

In 100 career regular-season NBA games, Lamb has averaged 3.6 points per game.

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Chandler Parsons and James Harden Exchange Words

Chandler Parsons and James Harden Exchange Words

Christian Petersen/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- The Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks may have a rivalry brewing between then after Rockets guard James Harden said the team will be just fine without forward Chandler Parsons, who's heading to the Mavericks.

"Dwight [Howard] and I are the cornerstones of the Rockets," Harden told The Philippine Star. "The rest of the guys are role players or pieces that complete our team. We've lost some pieces and added some pieces."

"I think we'll be fine next season," he added.

Parsons spent the first three seasons of his career with the Rockets and was one of the team's best players. Still, he wound up signing a three-year, $46 million contract with the Mavericks that the Rockets decided not to match.

In responding to Harden's comments, Parsons proclaimed that Harden's attitude was one of the reasons why he left the team, adding that he wants to be considered an important member of a winning team.

This past season, Parsons averaged 16.6 points and 5.5 rebounds per game.

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Chandler Parsons ‘Offended’ by Rockets

Chandler Parsons ‘Offended’ by Rockets

Christian Petersen/Getty Images(LAS VEGAS) -- Chandler Parsons is a Dallas Maverick after agreeing on a three-year deal worth $46 million last week. Still, Parsons is "offended" that the Houston Rockets did not even entertain the offer sheet that he signed with Dallas and believes that he was the third best player on the roster.

"Honestly, I was offended by the whole process," Parsons told Yahoo! Sports on Monday. "They publicly said that they were going out looking for a third star when I thought they had one right in front of them. I guess that's just how they viewed me as a player. I don't think I've scratched the surface of where I can be as a player and I think I'm ready for that role."

"You can't knock them for always trying to get better. [Houston general manager] Daryl Morey is very aggressive, is a genius, a great GM and I have nothing but respect for those guys," Parsons continued. "They are looking to make their team better. That's what they were doing. I just thought I could be that guy that could do that."

Parsons averaged 16.6 points, 5.5 rebounds and 4.0 assists per game last season and will join the likes of Dirk Nowitzki next season.

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Vince Carter to Join Grizzlies

Vince Carter to Join Grizzlies

Tom Pennington/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Not to be lost in the madness that was LeBron James' announcement, Vince Carter is also reportedly on the move. Sources say the veteran shooter spent Friday finalizing a three-year deal to join the Memphis Grizzlies.

Sources say the contract is worth $12.2 million per year, luring Carter away from the Dallas Mavericks. Memphis had attempted to get the shooting guard via a trade in 2013 but ended with Tayshaun Price after Dallas backed out of the talks. The Grizzlies were also hoping that Mike Miller would re-sign, but the small forward informed the team that he would not return for next season.

The Mavs were hoping to re-sign Carter by utilizing the cap-room exception owrth $2.7 million per year. Reports say that Carter had told Dallas that he would return to the team for a two-year deal worth $8 million. However, that number would only be possible if the Houston Rockets chose to match the offer give to Chandler Parsons.

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ESPN: Mavericks Sign Dirk Nowitzki to 3-Year Deal

ESPN: Mavericks Sign Dirk Nowitzki to 3-Year Deal

NBA via Dallas Mavericks(NEW YORK) -- The greatest player to suit up for the Dallas Mavericks isn't going anywhere as, according to ESPN, the team has agreed on a three-year contract with forward Dirk Nowitzki.

The deal is expected to be in the $30 million range. ESPN also is reporting that the new deal contains a player option that would allow Nowitzki to return to free agency in the summer of 2016.

Nowitzki took a below-market value deal due to his allegiance to the team, and the team's desire to use the saved money to go after free agents such as Carmelo Anthony and Luol Deng.

Nowitzki has been with the Mavericks for 16 seasons, making his NBA debut back in 1998.

When all is said and done, Nowitzki will likely suit up for the Mavericks for the duration of his 19-year career, something rarely seen in professional sports these days.

During his NBA career, the 36-year-old Nowitzki has averaged 22.5 points and 8.1 rebounds per game, and led the franchise to its only NBA Championship back in 2011.

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Knicks Agree to Send Center Tyson Chandler to the Mavericks

Knicks Agree to Send Center Tyson Chandler to the Mavericks

NBA via New York Knicks(NEW YORK) -- Tyson Chandler is heading back to the Mavericks as the New York Knicks and Dallas have agreed on a six-player trade with Chandler as the center piece.

The trade would sent Chandler and point guard Raymond Felton to the Mavericks in exchange for point guards Jose Calderon and Shane Larkin along with guard Wayne Ellington, center Samuel Dalembert, and two second-round picks in Thursday night's draft.

Chandler played for the Mavericks during the 2010-2011 season -- the season they won their one and only NBA Championship.

"The journey to build this team for the upcoming season and beyond continues," Knicks executive Phil Jackson said in the announcement. "We have added players with this move that will fit right in to our system while maintaining future flexibility."

This move will help Dallas pursue top free agents such as Carmelo Anthony and Lebron James.

For the Knicks, it provides future flexibility, young players, and draft picks, which is something the Knicks haven't had much of in recent years.

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Nowitzki Makes Plea for ‘Melo in Dallas

Nowitzki Makes Plea for ‘Melo in Dallas

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Carmelo Anthony, projected to be one of the top free agents if he chooses to opt out of his contract, may have a new suitor. Over the weekend, Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki made his pitch for Anthony.

"If Carmelo would really love to come here, we'd love to have him," Nowitzki said in a radio interview.

Despite being under contract for next season, Anthony is expected to opt out of the final season of his contract with the New York Knicks and test free agency.

Along with the Mavericks, the Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets, and Miami Heat have also been rumored to have interest in the small forward. Still, Knicks president Phil Jackson has publicly stated his desire for Anthony to remain in New York.

"Listen, I think I've showed over my 16 years that I can play with anybody," Nowitzki said. "The only tough season I think we've had is when we had [Antawn] Jamison and Antoine Walker and myself who are all three kind of the same four-men, but other than that I think I've shown over my career that I can play with anybody. I'll adjust, whether I have to get out of the way or go to the corner more, post up, pass. I'll do whatever, really, that needs to be done out there to win or for this franchise to be a winner."

Anthony, who has said he would like to remain in New York, has stated on multiple occasions during the season that he planned to become a free agent this summer. Should he choose to re-sign with the Knicks, 'Melo could ink a maximum contract worth $129 million over five years. If Anthony signs with another team, his contract would only be able to be a maximum of $96 million over four seasons.

Dallas won 49 games last year and made the playoffs as the eight seed. The Mavericks were champions in 2011 and are projected to have more than $30 million in cap space.

The Knicks won just 37 games this year and are not expected to have enough cap space to create a contender for the 2014-15 season.

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