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Scoreboard Roundup – 1/23/15

Scoreboard Roundup – 1/23/15

Hemera/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- NBA: Toronto Raptors 91 (28-15) - Philadelphia 76ers 86 (8-35)

Cleveland Cavaliers 129 (24-20) - Charlotte Hornets 90 (18-26)

Atlanta Hawks 103 (36-8) - Oklahoma City Thunder 93 (22-21)

New York Knicks 113 (8-36) - Orlando Magic 106 (15-31)

Miami Heat 89 (19-24) - Indiana Pacers 87 (15-30)

Chicago Bulls 102 (29-16) - Dallas Mavericks 98 (30-14)

New Orleans Pelicans 92 (22-21) - Minnesota Timberwolves 84 (7-35)

San Antonio Spurs 99 (28-17) - Los Angeles Lakers 85 (12-32)

Top 25 Men's College Basketball: (16) VCU 63 (16-3) - Saint Louis 61 (9-10)

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Scoreboard Roundup – 1/8/15

Scoreboard Roundup – 1/8/15

Hemera/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- NBA: Charlotte Hornets 103 (14-24) – Toronto Raptors 95 (24-11)

Houston Rockets 120 (25-11) – New York Knicks 96 (5-34)

Top 25 Men’s College Basketball: (25) Old Dominion 72 (13-1) – Marshall 51 (4-11)

NHL: Boston Bruins 3 (21-15-6; 48pts) – New Jersey Devils 0 (15-21-7; 37pts)

Carolina Hurricanes 5 (13-24-4; 30pts) – Buffalo Sabres 2 (14-25-3; 31pts)

Philadelphia Flyers 3 (16-18-7; 39pts) – Washington Capitals 2 (21-11-8; 50pts) OT

Chicago Blackhawks 4 (27-12-2; 56pts) – Minnesota Wild 2 (18-16-5; 41pts)

St. Louis Blues 7 (25-13-3; 53pts) – San Jose Sharks 2 (22-15-5; 49pts)

Nashville Predators 3 (27-9-4; 58pts) – Dallas Stars 2 (18-15-7; 43pts) OT

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Scoreboard Roundup – 12/23/14

Scoreboard Roundup – 12/23/14

Hemera/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- NBA: Chicago Bulls 99 (19-9) - Washington Wizards 91 (19-8)

Indiana Pacers 96 (10-19) - New Orleans Pelicans 84 (14-14)

Orlando Magic 100 (11-20) - Boston Celtics 95 (10-16)

Cleveland Cavaliers 125 (17-10) - Minnesota Timberwolves 104 (5-22)

Brooklyn Nets 102 (12-15) - Denver Nuggets 96 (12-17) 

Atlanta Hawks 107 (21-7) - Los Angeles Clippers 104 (19-10)

Philadelphia 76ers 91 (4-23) - Miami Heat 87 (13-16)

Charlotte Hornets 108 (10-19) - Milwaukee Bucks 101 (14-15)

Portland Trail Blazers 115 (23-7) - Oklahoma City Thunder 111 (13-16) - Overtime

Top 25 Men's Basketball: (4) Louisville 80 (11-0) - CS Northridge 55 (3-10)

(7) Villanova 92 (12-0) - N.J.I.T. 67 (5-8)

Stanford 74 (7-3) - (9) Texas 71 (10-2)

(14) Utah 80 (9-2) - South Dakota State 66 (9-4)

NCAAF Bowl Games: Boca Rotan Bowl: Marshall 52 (13-1) - Northern Illinois 23 (11-3)

NHL: Montreal Canadiens 3 (22-11-2, 46pts) - New York Islanders 1 (23-11-0, 46pts)

New York Rangers 4 (18-10-4, 40pts) - Washington Capitals 2 (17-11-6, 40pts)

Toronto Maple Leafs 4 (20-12-3, 43pts) - Dallas Stars 0 (14-14-5, 33pts)

Boston Bruins 5 (18-14-3, 39pts) - Nashville Predators 3 (22-9-2, 46pts)

Philadelphia Flyers 5 (14-14-6, 34pts) - Minnesota Wild 2 (16-13-3, 35pts)

Carolina Hurricanes 2 (10-20-4, 24pts) - New Jersey Devils 1 (12-17-7, 31pts) - Shootout

Detroit Red Wings 6 (18-8-9, 45pts) - Buffalo Sabres 3 (13-19-3, 29pts)

Tampa Bay Lightning 4 (21-11-4, 46pts) - Pittsburgh Penguins 3 (22-7-5, 49pts)

Colorado Avalanche 5 (13-13-8, 34pts) - St. Louis Blues 0 (21-10-3, 45pts)

Arizona Coyotes 5 (12-18-4, 28pts) - Edmonton Oilers 1 (7-21-7, 21pts)

Winnipeg Jets 5 (18-10-7, 43pts) - Chicago Blackhawks 1 (23-10-2, 48pts)

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Scoreboard Roundup – 12/16/14

Scoreboard Roundup – 12/16/14

Hemera/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- NBA: Washington Wizards 109 (18-6) – Minnesota Timberwolves 95 (5-19)

Miami Heat 95 (12-13) – Brooklyn Nets 91 (10-13)

Memphis Grizzlies 105 (20-4) – Golden State Warriors 98 (21-3)

New Orleans Pelicans 119 (12-12) – Utah Jazz 111 (6-19)

Dallas Mavericks 107 (18-8) – New York Knicks 87 (5-22)

Top 25 Men’s College Basketball: (9) Texas 106 (9-1) – Lipscomb 61 (4-6)

(15) Oklahoma 85 (7-2) – Oral Roberts 53 (4-5)

(24) North Carolina 79 (7-3) – UNC Greensboro 56 (4-7)

NHL:  Tampa Bay Lightning 3 (20-10-3; 43pts) – Philadelphia Flyers 1 (11-14-5; 27pts)

Toronto Maple Leafs 6 (19-9-3; 41pts) – Anaheim Ducks 2 (21-7-5; 47pts)

Montreal Canadiens 4 (20-10-2; 42pts) – Carolina Hurricanes 1 (8-19-3; 19pts)

Columbus Blue Jackets 1 (13-15-2; 28pts) – Detroit Red Wings 0 (17-7-8; 42pts) SO

Florida Panthers 2 (13-8-8; 34pts) – Washington Capitals 1 (14-10-6; 34pts) SO

Winnipeg Jets 5 (16-10-6; 38pts) – Buffalo Sabres 1 (13-17-2; 28pts)

St. Louis Blues 5 (21-8-2; 44pts) – Los Angeles Kings 2 (15-11-6; 36pts)

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Heat Forward Chris Bosh Out with Injured Calf

Heat Forward Chris Bosh Out with Injured Calf

NIBA via Miami Heat(MIAMI) -- 

As the Miami Heat look to keep their heads above water in the Eastern Conference playoff race, they'll be without forward Chris Bosh for a few games, possibly more, after he suffered a calf strain.

Bosh missed the team's game against against the Chicago Bulls on Sunday, which Miami wound up losing.

Even though he has yet to undergo an MRI to determine the severity of the injury, Bosh still plans to meet with a team doctor Monday to have the injury reevaluated.

"We're just trying to see how my body responds," said Bosh. "It's one of those things that can get worse, if you don't take care of it. It can be a lot worse than it has to be. So we have to take this precaution right now."

The Heat, who have made the NBA Finals the past four seasons, are off to their worst start in seven years, at 11-13.

A lot of the team's struggles can be traced back to Lebron James' departure back to Cleveland, as well as injuries to starters Dwayne Wade and Luol Deng.

Bosh is off to his best start since joining the Heat prior to the 2010-2011 season. He's averaging 21.6 points and 8.2 rebounds in 23 games.

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Wizards Soar Past Heat, 107-86

Wizards Soar Past Heat, 107-86

Christopher Trotman/Getty Images(WASHINGTON, D.C.) -- The Washington Wizards hit 10 3-pointers and shot 54.2 percent (39-of-72) to beat the Miami Heat 107-86 on Monday night. The Wizards (11-5) led by 15 points at halftime, 64-49, and held Miami (9-8) to 0-of-12 shooting from distance in the second half.

"We did a good job of staying home and getting a hand in their face," Washington head coach Randy Wittman said. "They missed some, too. It wasn't all us. They had some pretty good looks they missed."

John Wall had 18 points and 13 assists in the win while Rasual Butler paced the team with 23 points. The Wizards never trailed in the game, leading by as many as 25, and saw four players score in double figures. 

Meanwhile, Miami got 21 points from Chris Bosh and 20 from Dwayne Wade. The Heat's shooting woes only escalated at the charity stripe as the team was just 18-for-30 (60 percent) on free-throw attempts.

"I don't think we've gotten to the defense we've wanted all year," said Wade, who was playing in his second game back following a hamstring injury. "We're still fairly new; a lot of the guys are still confused at what we're trying to do."

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Curry Drops 40 on Heat

Curry Drops 40 on Heat

NBA via Golden State Warriors(MIAMI, Fl.) -- Stephen Curry lit up the Miami Heat Tuesday night as he led the Golden State Warriors to a 114-97 victory.

Curry finished the night shooting 12 of 19 from the floor, draining eight 3-pointers. 

There had been some concern in the past couple days with Curry's shooting as he was 8 of 24 in his previous two games. Curry steadied those worries by finding open looks with the help of his teammates. 

"Everything feels in rhythm," Curry said. "My bigs, Draymon Green, Mo Speights, Andrew Bogut set some great screens for me and I got a lot of space. When you see your first two or three go down, your confidence is at a high. Shots just appear and you have confidence to knock them down."

Heat forward Chris Bosh was utterly perplexed by the end result.  With 6:45 left in the fourth, his team was leading by two.

"We got to the end, we're in the bonus, you know 93-95 and we don't score anymore," Bosh said. "We just forget our offense and I don't know why."

The Warriors have now won six straight and are 11-2 on the season.

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Scoreboard Roundup – 11/20/14

Scoreboard Roundup – 11/20/14

Hemera/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Top 25 College Baksetball: (10) Texas 71 (3-0) - Iowa 57 (2-1) 

(12) Villanova 72 (3-0) - Bucknell 65 (1-2)

(15) VCU 106 (3-0) - MD-E Shore 66 (1-3)

(17) Connecticut 65 (2-0) - College of Charleston 57 (1-2)

Indiana 74 (3-0) - (22) SMU 68 (1-2)

California 73 (3-0) - (23) Syracuse 59 (2-1)

(24) Michigan 71 (3-0) - Detroit 62 (1-2)

NFL: Oakland Raiders 24 (1-10) - Kansas City Chiefs 20 (7-4)

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers 110 (7-4) - Miami Heat 93 (6-6)

NHL: Montreal Canadiens 4 (14-5-1, 29pts) - St. Louis Blues 1 (12-5-1, 25pts)

Toronto Maple Leafs 5 (10-8-2, 22pts) - Tampa Bay Lightning 2 (13-6-2, 28pts)

Ottawa Senators 3 (9-5-4, 22pts) - Nashville Predators 2 (12-5-2, 26pts)

Detroit Red Wings 4 (9-4-5, 25pts) - Winnipeg Jets 3 (10-8-3, 23pts)

Minnesota Wild 3 (11-7-0, 22pts) - Philadelphia Flyers 2 (7-9-2, 16pts)

Dallas Stars 3 (7-9-4, 18pts) - Arizona Coyotes 1 (8-10-2, 18pts)

Washington Capitals 3 (9-7-3, 17pts) - Colorado Avalanche 2 (6-9-5, 17pts)

Chicago Blackhawks 4 (11-7-1, 23pts) - Calgary Flames 3 (12-7-2, 26pts)

Top 25 College Football: (12) Kansas State 26 (8-2) - West Virginia 20 (6-5)

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Scoreboard Roundup – 11/17/14

Scoreboard Roundup – 11/17/14

Hemera/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- NBA: Dallas Mavericks 107 (8-3) - Charlotte Hornets 80 (4-7)

Denver Nuggets 106 (3-7) - Cleveland Cavaliers 97 (5-4)

Orlando Magic 107 (5-7) - Detroit Pistons 93 (3-8)

Phoenix Suns 118 (5-5) - Boston Celtics 114 (3-5)

NHL: Tampa Bay Lightning 5 (13-4-2, 26pts)   - New York Rangers 1 (7-7-4, 18pts)

Top-25 College Basketball: (7) Louisville 88 (2-0) - Jacksonville State 39 (0-2)

Miami 69 (2-0) - (8) Florida 67 (1-1)

(12) Villanova 81 (2-0) - Maryland-Eastern Shore 44 (0-2)

(24) Michigan 77 (2-0) - Bucknell 53 (1-1)

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Scoreboard Roundup – 10/29/14

Scoreboard Roundup – 10/29/14

Hemera/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- MLB - World Series - Game 7: San Francisco Giants 3 - Kansas City Royals 2 (Giants wins World Series, 4-3)

NBA: Charlotte Hornets 108 (1-0) – Milwaukee Bucks 106 (0-1) OT

Indiana Pacers 103 (1-0) – Philadelphia 76ers 91 (0-1)

Boston Celtics 121 (1-0) – Brooklyn Nets 105 (0-1)

Miami Heat 107 (1-0) – Washington Wizards 95 (0-1)

Toronto Raptors 109 (1-0) – Atlanta Hawks 102 (0-1)

Memphis Grizzlies 105 (1-0) – Minnesota Timberwolves 101 (0-1)

Chicago Bulls 104 (1-0) – New York Knicks 80 (0-1)

NHL: Detroit Red Wings 4 (5-2-2; 12pts) – Washington Capitals 2 (4-3-2; 10pts) 

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Luol Deng Responds to Ferry

Luol Deng Responds to Ferry

Christian Petersen/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Miami Heat forward Luol Deng responded to a recent scouting report that Hawks general manager Danny Ferry read during a June conference call.

Ferry and the Hawks pursued Deng before he signed with Miami last season and apologized on Monday for the racial comments he made in a letter that he sent to Hawks co-owner Michael Gearon Jr.

Deng released a statement on Tuesday.


"Ultimately, I'm thankful to be with an organization that appreciates me for who I am and has gone out of its way to make me feel welcome."

"These words were recently used to describe me. It would ordinarily make any African parent proud to hear their child recognized for their heritage.

"I'm proud to say I actually have a lot of African in me, not just 'a little.' For my entire life, my identity has been a source of pride and strength. Among my family and friends, in my country of South Sudan and across the broader continent of Africa, I can think of no greater privilege than to do what I love for a living while also representing my heritage on the highest stage. Unfortunately, the comment about my heritage was not made with the same respect and appreciation.

"Concerning my free agency, the focus should purely have been on my professionalism and my ability as an athlete. Every person should have the right to be treated with respect and evaluated as an individual, rather than be reduced to a stereotype. I am saddened and disappointed that this way of thinking still exists today. I am even more disturbed that it was shared so freely in a business setting.

"However, there is comfort in knowing that there are people who aren't comfortable with it and have the courage to speak up. In the same way a generalization should not define a group of people, the attitude of a few should not define a whole organization or league.

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Dwyane Wade: Had a Feeling James Was Leaving Miami

Dwyane Wade: Had a Feeling James Was Leaving Miami

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Heat forward Dwyane Wade wasn't surprised when his former teammate, LeBron James, told him that he'd be going back to Cleveland to play with the Cavaliers.

Wade said on Friday that he supported whatever decision James' was going to make, but had a feeling he'd be headed back to Cleveland.

"Yeah, I went to sleep knowing," Wade told reporters. "He called me the next day. But I knew then. Obviously he still had to say the final yay or nay, but I knew. I could tell."

"As his friend, I'm just supportive," Wade continued. "As crazy as that might sound, I'm supportive of my friends doing what makes them happy. Obviously, same thing with him in this situation. You've gotta do what makes you happy -- selfishly do what makes you happy. The decision to go back home was that."

The Heat brought in free agents Luol Deng, Josh McRoberts, and Danny Granger.  The team also resigned All-Star and two-time NBA champion Chris Bosh.

"It was a different summer for us," Wade said. "It's no secret, obviously; it's been a change in how we looked the last four years by losing LeBron to Cleveland. I think our ownership has done a great job so far of trying to not replace but recover from that. The only thing we do as a franchise and as players is we move forward."

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Miami Heat Re-Sign Dwyane Wade

Miami Heat Re-Sign Dwyane Wade

Miami Heat/NBA(MIAMI) -- The Miami Heat has re-signed guard Dwyane Wade, the team announced on Tuesday. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“Dwyane has been the franchise cornerstone for this team since the day he arrived 11 years ago,” Heat president Pat Riley said in a statement. “He has shown his commitment to the Heat many times over the course of his career and has always been willing to sacrifice in order to help build this team into a champion. This time is no different. I am ecstatic to have him back in the fold and I am confident that Dwyane, as always, will be leading this team as we look to contend for NBA Championships.”

Miami originally selected Wade out of Marquette with the fifth overall pick in the 2003 NBA draft. In 11 seasons with the Heat, Wade has averaged 24.3 points, 6.0 assists, 5.0 rebounds per game. The 10-time All-Star has won three NBA championships during his tenure.

The Heat also announced on Tuesday the signing of free agent forward Luol Deng.

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ESPN: Heat Re-Sign Center Chris Andersen

ESPN: Heat Re-Sign Center Chris Andersen

Brian A. Westerholt/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Even without Lebron James suiting up for the Miami Heat next season, the team is committed to putting together a winning team as they've re-signed center Chris Andersen.

Andersen's new deal is worth two years and will pay him $10 million.

In two seasons with the Heat, the 36-year-old Andersen has resurrected his career with Miami. He's established himself as a reliable big man off the bench who has earned crunch time minutes with the team in the regular season and the playoffs.

In 72 games for the Heat this past season, Andersen averaged 6.6 points, 5.3 rebounds per game, and 1.3 blocks in 19.4 minutes per game.

Despite the free agent departure of James, the Heat have not been quiet this offseason. They've brought in Luol Deng, Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger. The team has also resigned Chris Bosh, Andersen, and are expected to bring back Dwayne Wade and Udonis Haslem.

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Lebron James Is Headed Back to Cavaliers

Lebron James Is Headed Back to Cavaliers

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- LeBron James is headed back to Cleveland, the four-time MVP announced on Friday in an article he wrote for Sports Illustrated.

James spent seven seasons with the Cleveland Cavaliers before leaving for Miami in 2010. Following his departure, James made four NBA finals appearances and took home two NBA titles, with help from Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, for the Miami Heat.

The Heat made a last-pitch effort to lock in James Wednesday when team president Pat Riley met with James and his agent, Rich Paul, in Las Vegas.

Paul did most of the talking during this free agency process, compared to 2010. He also met with the Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks and Phoenix Suns.

James joins a young Cleveland roster that includes Kyrie Irving, Anderson Varejao, and this year's number-one overall pick, Andrew Wiggins.

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Heat Make Moves In Free Agency

Heat Make Moves In Free Agency

iStock/Thinkstock(MIAMI) -- Free agent forward Danny Granger has agreed to a two-year contract with the Miami Heat worth $4.2 million, according to ESPN.

The 31-year-old Granger split time last season between the Indiana Pacers and the Los Angeles Clippers, where he averaged 8.2 points and 3.2 rebounds per game.  His best season came during the 2008-09 campaign, where he averaged 25.8 points and 5.1 rebounds per game for the Pacers.

The Heat also has agreed to sign a deal with free agent forward Josh McRoberts. In seven seasons in the NBA, the 27-year-old has averaged 5.7 points and 4.2 rebounds per game. He has suited up for the Portland Trail Blazers, Pacers, Los Angeles Lakers, Orlando Magic and Charlotte Hornets.

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Report: Dwayne Wade and Udonis Haslem Opt Out of their Contracts

Report: Dwayne Wade and Udonis Haslem Opt Out of their Contracts

Chris Trotman/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- The Big 3 just might be sticking together after all. According to reports, guard Dwyane Wade, and forward Udonis Haslem have opted out of their contracts and will become free agents.

On the surface, this might spell gloom and doom for Heat fans, but these moves could allow the team re-sign Lebron James, Chris Bosh, Wade, and possibly another high-level free agent.

Haslem is likely to re-sign with with the Heat, but on a more team-friendly deal. He was due to make $4.62 million next season.

The 34-year-old Haslem has spent his entire 11-year career, and has won three championships during his tenure in South Beach.

Wade is also a career member of the Heat organization. He's been with the team since they drafted him sixth overall back in 2003, the same year they selected Haslem.

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Lebron James Opts out of Contract, Set for Free Agency

Lebron James Opts out of Contract, Set for Free Agency

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Here we go again. Lebron James' agent, Rich Paul, has informed the Miami Heat that James will opt out of his contract and become an unrestricted free agent on July 1.

While NBA fans may be salivating at the idea of landing arguably the best player in the NBA, opting out of his deal does not necessarily mean he will leave the Heat.

James had until June 30 to opt out of the final two years of his deal. He had $42.7 million remaining on his deal.

A four-time NBA MVP, James is one of the most transcendent players in the NBA and all of sports. In 11 NBA seasons, James has averaged 27.5 points, 7.2 rebounds, and 6.9 assists per game.

James spent the first seven seasons of his career with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He infamously chose to play for the Heat during the summer of 2010.

Now 29, James went to four-consecutive Finals with the Heat, and won two titles.

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Heats’ Shane Battier to Retire, Ray Allen’s Playing Future Up in the Air

Heats’ Shane Battier to Retire, Ray Allen’s Playing Future Up in the AiriStock/Thinkstock(SAN ANTONIO) -- While the basketball world will wait and see what the future holds for Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh, the Miami Heat will lose forward Shane Battier to retirement while Ray Allen is still deciding his playi...

San Antonio Spurs Win Fifth NBA Championship

San Antonio Spurs Win Fifth NBA Championship

iStock/Thinkstock(SAN ANTONIO) -- Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard had 22 points and pulled down 10 rebounds as San Antonio captured their fifth Larry O’Brien trophy with a 104-87 win over the Miami Heat in Game 5 of the NBA Finals on Sunday night.

The Heat jumped out to a 16-point lead in the first half, but the Spurs came roaring back, taking the lead for good when Leonard drilled a three with 4:47 left in the second quarter.

The 22-year-old Leonard was named the series MVP. He averaged 17.8 points, 6.4 rebounds and 1.2 blocks in the Finals.

The Spurs' last NBA championship came back in 2007. It marked the team's fourth title in nine years.

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