Playground 9

Idaho Falls homeowners association partners with city to build neighborhood park

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Vape store worker sentenced to prison for possessing nude photos of teen

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Todo Mundo comes to Idaho Falls

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A 6.2-magnitude strong, shallow earthquake hit central Italy early Wednesday, killing at least 37 people and leaving rescuers desperately digging through the rubble to free survivors. Italian Red Cross President Francesco Rocca tweeted this picture.

Credit: Francesco Rocca/Italian Red Cross

Italy earthquake leaves 73 dead, rescuers racing against time

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Piano music among the wreckage in Lousiana

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photo of firejp

DAY 4: Crews continue to battle Henry’s Creek Fire

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Henry’s Creek Fire now more than 43,000 acres

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Evacuation order issued in parts of Victor due to fire

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Earthquake hits central Italy

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Officials: Local departments were never turned away from fighting fires

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If you don't want to go bald, then you probably should stop doing these things. (DepositPhotos)

These 5 common things are making women lose their hair faster, experts say

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Margaret Fiona Vaszquez

Convicted felon admits to shooting puppy and possessing handgun

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