UPDATE: Authorities take down four moose in Idaho Falls

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Justice Ginsburg mourns the loss of her ‘best buddy’

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East Idaho Eats: Gator Jacks has sandwiches with a southern flare

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Valentines cookies

STOCKING: Giving what I can so my kids feel loved on Valentine’s Day

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The line between what is romantic and what will get a man arrested is a little too fine if you ask me. (DepositPhotos)

Valentine’s Day fails (from an experienced husband)

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Man dies on the scene of two-car crash in Preston

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Justice Antonin Scalia’s death quickly sparks political battle

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UPDATED: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia dies at 79

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NanoSteel recognized for innovation, gets attention in automotive press

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Ah, Valentine's Day. A time for chocolate, a time for candy, a time for us singles to declare #ForeverAlone. But for those celebrating, make sure you do it right. (DepositPhotos)

11 Valentine’s Day gifts you should avoid

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SCHIESS: Kingfisher dives to survive

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Donald Trump signs a toddler

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