The Pocatello SWAT Team Get A New Vehicle


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Pocatello SWAT Gets A New Van

Police said the city’s old SWAT van is 27 years old, barely runs, and often has trouble getting started.The brand-new van still needs to be sent down to Salt Lake City to get some SWAT-specific upgrades, and be painted with the police department badges.The new van is much larger than the old one, and Pocatello Police Capt. Rick Capell said in an emergency situation it will get the SWAT team where they need to be a lot faster.“We’ll be able to store some of the equipment in there that we couldn’t in the old one, and so our response time is going to be a lot faster,” Capell said.The old SWAT van will go up for auction. The team offered to give it to different city departments, but no one wanted it. Local News 8

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