Chris Christie Interested in VP Slot?


Justin Sullivan/Getty Images(NEW YORK) — New Jersey Chris Christie dropped a tantalizing hint Thursday that he indeed might at least consider the second spot on the national ticket if Mitt Romney wins the 2012 Republican presidential nomination.

Christie was mentioned earlier this year as a possible candidate for the GOP nod but took himself out of the running last October despite calls from many conservative Republicans to seek the White House.

The governor’s gruff demeanor and take-no-prisoners style is appealing to the party’s political base and the prospect of having him as the vice presidential candidate is almost equally enticing to those who support him.

Proving himself to be a loyal and ardent supporter of Romney, Christie told Fox News, “The fact is if Governor Romney comes to me and wants to talk to me about [the second spot on the ticket], we’ll have a full conversation about that and then [my wife] Mary Pat and I will make that decision about what we want to do with our future.”

However, Christie sought to tamp down expectations that he would be ready to leave the Garden State, adding, “my view is, I think if you fast forward the tape to a year from now it’s going to be President-elect Romney and some other VP-elect and Chris Christie the Governor of New Jersey.”

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