Ron Paul’s Looking Forward to South Carolina

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Jason Merritt/Getty Images(MEREDITH, N.H.) — Ron Paul is already looking forward to the next presidential contest in South Carolina, though New Hampshire hasn’t yet cast a single vote in the first-in-the-nation primary.

Speaking to a packed house in Meredith, N.H., Sunday night, Paul said he plans to be on the ground in South Carolina within 12 hours of Tuesday’s results.

“South Carolina will be a nice test for us, because it’s a bigger state and if we do well there, that will encourage the fundraising and it alerts other people to the message,” said Paul.

As for strategy, Paul admitted that he is competing heavily in the caucus states.  Along with buying television advertising in South Carolina, ABC News has learned that the Paul campaign has spent money on direct mail in Louisiana, Nevada, Maine, Colorado, Washington, and North Dakota.  And he and Romney are the only candidates who will be on all the ballots.

But the Paul campaign is sobering to the reality that Mitt Romney, who already captured Iowa Caucus and is leading in New Hampshire and South Carolina, will likely be the eventual nominee.

Paul’s son, Sen. Rand Paul, speaking to reporters after Sunday’s NBC News/Facebook debate said “maybe so,” but they are still hoping for a win in New Hampshire by pulling in independent voters with Paul’s non-interventionist foreign policy.

“It will be a long shot, but we can be a long shot for first,” said Rand Paul.

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