Hall of Fame Trainer Angelo Dundee Dies at age of 90

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Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images(NEW YORK) — Hall of Fame boxing trainer Angelo Dundee died at the age of 90 on Wednesday in his apartment in Tampa, Fla.

Surrounded by family members, Dundee went out the way he wanted to — he had just recently been at the 70th birthday party of his former friend and boxing heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali.

His son Jimmy, said the visit with Ali meant everything.

“It was the way he wanted to go,” the legendary trainer’s son said. “He did everything he wanted to do.”

Dundee was the brilliant motivator who worked the corner for Ali in his greatest fights, willed Sugar Ray Leonard to victory in his biggest bout, and coached hundreds of young men in the art of a left jab and the overhand right.

“Angelo always told them exactly what they had to hear, not what they wanted to hear,” said Hall of Fame boxing historian Bert Sugar to ESPN. “Angie was one of the nicest people not only in boxing but that the world has ever met.”

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