Video of Caged Africans Highlights Lawlessness in Post-Gadhafi Libya


iStockphoto/Thinkstock(TRIPOLI, Libya) —  A disturbing video has emerged from Libya showing about 15 to 20 black Africans being held in a zoo-like cage with their hands tied behind their backs.

Accused of siding with former Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, the handcuffed men are seen with green Gadhafi flags stuffed in their mouths and being taunted by ethnic Arab Libyans who call them “dogs.”

The Arabs doing the shouting say that those in the cage are from Tawergha, formerly a predominantly black town near Misrata from which Gadhafi forces launched attacks on the city.  The town is now basically deserted — the residents who haven’t been arrested, tortured or killed in revenge attacks have fled since the NATO-backed rebels ousted Gadhafi.

Since the start of the revolution, blacks have been accused — often times wrongly — of being mercenaries for Gadhafi.  Many are simply migrants who came north for work.

The video highlights the lawlessness in post-Gadhafi Libya as various armed militias jostle for power.

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