Gov. McDonnell’s ‘Virginia Is for Lovers’ Gift to Obama

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Kris Connor/Getty Images(RICHMOND, Va.) — Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell, a key Mitt Romney supporter, showed some Virginia love for the president, greeting Obama on the tarmac in Richmond Friday afternoon and giving him a “Virginia is for Lovers” golf glove.

“I thought that it would be an appropriate gift,” McDonnell, a potential Republican vice presidential nominee, told reporters after their brief meeting.

“He was very impressed that we knew he wore a left-handed glove,” the governor said, according to pool reports. “I told him we had done our opposition research.”

While their meeting was reportedly friendly, Republicans have done plenty of research on the president’s golf hobby.

Romney has slammed Obama in the past for focusing too much on his game and not enough on the economy and his campaign has an entire website devoted to raising campaign cash off Obama’s love of golf.

“‘Fore’ More Years?” reads the homepage of, which urges supporters to “donate $18 to send President Obama on a permanent vacation.”

The site claims the president has played 1,656 holes of golf since coming into office.

McDonnell was also present at the president’s speech at the Rolls-Royce Crosspointe jet engine disc manufacturing facility in Prince George County, where Obama touted the economic recovery and promoted his agenda to boost manufacturing.

“We are tired of rhetoric, you know, tired of this thing where we need to get people back to work,” McDonnell told reporters after the president’s speech.

“Let’s do the policies that actually would repatriate businesses. Let’s cut the corporate income tax that’s now the highest in the world,” he said. “That’s why people aren’t going to put businesses in Virginia. That’s why they go off shore. Let’s do something about that. That would be a great start but I haven’t heard him talk about that.”

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