Boehner Endorses Romney, Says ‘It’s Clear’ He Will Be the Nominee

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Alex Wong/Getty Images(PITTSBURGH) — House Speaker John Boehner formally endorsed Mitt Romney Tuesday morning, becoming one of the last major Republican leaders to coalesce behind the presumptive nominee.

“I’ve not taken a position on this presidential campaign because, as chairman of the [Republican National] convention, I wanted to make sure all candidates had a fair process and a fair opportunity,” said Boehner, who had previously said he would not endorse a candidate at all.

“But it’s clear now Mitt Romney is going to be our nominee,” the Ohioan said during his weekly news conference.

“I think Mitt Romney has a set of economic policies that can put Americans back to work and, frankly, contrast sharply with the failed economic policies of President Obama,” Boehner added.  “And I will be proud to support Mitt Romney and do everything I can to help him win.”

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