Lance Armstrong Faces Doping Charges From USADA


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Gail Oskin/Getty Images(AUSTIN, Texas) — The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency intends to file doping charges against former cyclist Lance Armstrong, which could result in him being stripped of his seven Tour de France titles.

The USADA sent a letter to the 40-year-old Armstrong on Tuesday, saying they intend to file charges against him that he possessed and used human growth hormone, testosterone and blood doping products.

“I have never doped, and, unlike many of my accusers, I have competed as an endurance athlete for 25 years with no spike in performance, passed more than 500 drug tests and never failed one,” Armstrong said in a statement Wednesday. “That USADA ignores this fundamental distinction and charges me instead of the admitted dopers says far more about USADA, its lack of fairness and this vendetta than it does about my guilt or innocence. Any fair consideration of these allegations has and will continue to vindicate me.”

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles recently closed their nearly two-year investigation into doping allegations against Armstrong without indicting him.

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