Jackson Family Feud Update: TJ Jackson to File Legal Papers


Dave J Hogan/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) — TJ Jackson, the temporary guardian of Michael Jackson’s three children, has a Friday deadline to file a petition for full guardianship of Prince Michael, Paris and Prince Michael II.  The filing of the request is required by law, but it doesn’t mean he will actually seek permanent appointment.

A source close to TJ tells ABC News, “Until [Katherine] Jackson decides what she wants to do, we are doing what is necessary to stay as temporary guardian.” 

A judge this week suspended Katherine Jackson’s rights as guardian of the children.  A hearing for full guardianship is set for August 22.

More is also being revealed about what TJ and Michael Jackson’s kids told the court when TJ, as the petitioner, applied for temporary guardianship after not hearing from Katherine Jackson, and learning she was with several of her adult children.

According to court papers, “Petitioner and the Minor Children firmly believe that outside forces were prohibiting their grandmother from communicating with them.  The failure to touch base with Petitioner or any of the Minor Children is way out of character for their grandmother.  Petitioner is certain that his grandmother would never voluntarily cease communications with the Minor Children, or himself, and he is very concerned about her well-being.”

In other Jackson family feud news, Tanay Jackson, TJ’s half-sister, tells E! News she doesn’t think her 82-year-old grandmother should be guardian of the children anymore. 

“Me, personally, I don’t think she should continue watching the kids.  I just feel like she needs to rest.  I feel like she does not need to be under the stress of the whole situation,” Tanay said.

Meanwhile, Trent Jackson, Katherine Jackson’s nephew and confidant who reported her missing, is a bit upset with the family matriarch, but furious at the Jackson siblings who took her to Arizona.

Discussing Katherine’s absence, Trent Jackson tells ABC News, “You can’t just leave for 10 days and not have an excuse where you been.” 

Trent says it was “improper” for her to be gone for 10 days and not call the grandkids.  Still, he blames the Jackson siblings, saying, “If they cared they never would have put her in a position like that.”

Trent reveals to ABC News that the room the Jackson siblings put Katherine in “had no television, no phone, no communication at all.”  Trent acknowledges that Katherine “loves her Jermaine, her Janet, her Rebbie” and is “gonna put them above us.”

Trent says Katherine “has been bamboozled” and “needs to listen to the voice of reason” and “do the right thing.”

When asked about the physical confrontation at Katherine Jackson’s Calabasas, Calif., home earlier this week, Trent said he never expected that to happen.  Regarding the recent actions of the Jackson siblings, Trent tells ABC News that Prince told him they have been “planning this since my dad died.”

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