Dawson and Friends Heading Back to Capeside?


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Columbia/TriStar International Television/Getty ImagesDawson, Joey, Jen and Pacey may be heading back to the creek.

Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23, starring James Van Der Beek as himself, will be holding a mini- Dawson’s Creek reunion in season two when Busy Phillips guest stars as herself. In the season premiere, Van Der Beek will attempt to reunite his former cast mates. Creator Nahnatchka Khan told TV Guide he’d love to see “Creek” alums Michelle Williams, Joshua Jackson and even Katie Holmes guest star as well.

Although there are no solid plans for an actual Dawson’s Creek reunion, the former stars have spoken out about wanting to go back to Capeside.

“I’ve always said that I would really love to and I think, independently, we’ve all been saying that,” Williams, 31, said during a Comic-Con press conference in June. “So at some point I hope that it does happen [as] … a way to honor the past and what a big deal it was for the four or five of us, and what a big deal it was for the people who watched it.”

“It would be fun,” Holmes, 33, told Good Morning America last fall. “I had so much fun working on that show and I loved everyone so much, and I think about it with such fond memories.”

Us Weekly even started a petition to get the former best friends on screen again.

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