FBI Granted Access to Benghazi Suspect in Tunisia

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FBI(WASHINGTON) — FBI agents investigating the Benghazi attack have been granted access a suspect who is currently being held in Tunisia. Ali Harzi was initially detained in Turkey after he posted information on a social media site about his involvement in the attack. Harzi was then extradited to his home country of Tunisia where he was being held in a jail. The FBI had been trying to gain access to him since last month.
After working through the diplomatic process the FBI will finally be able to interview him in the coming days.
Final arrangements are being made with the FBI and Tunisian authorities about how the interrogation will take place. Tunisian security officials are likely to be present during the questioning by the American agents.
U.S. Senators Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. and Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., have been briefed on the issue from the FBI.
In a press release the Senators issued the following statement:
“We are very pleased the Tunisian government is working with American investigators to allow in person access to Ali Ani al Harzi.  Under this arrangement the interviews will be under Tunisian supervision and consistent with their sovereignty and meets the needs of our investigative team.
Allowing American investigators in person access will make the interview more meaningful and is a welcome breakthrough in our efforts  to find the perpetrators of the Benghazi Consulate attacks.  This tight collaboration between our countries shows the growing strength of our partnership.
It is unfortunate it has taken this long to get an in-person interview as time is of the essence in cases like this.  We hope our interview of Ali Ani al Harzi will bear fruit and we can bring to justice those responsible for killing Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans.
Tunisia is where the Arab Spring began and these latest events reaffirm the growing alliance between our two countries.  We look forward to working with the Tunisian government to strengthen the ties between our two countries.”

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