Obama, Romney Tie in New Hampshire’s Dixville Notch

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Alex Wong/Getty Images(DIXVILLE NOTCH, N.H.) — The first votes are in — 10 of them, anyway — and it’s an Obama-Romney tie.

The small hamlet of Dixville Notch in New Hampshire distinguishes itself every primary and general election by voting right at midnight.

This year, 10 voters showed up and they split evenly — five votes apiece — for President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

Obama won the Dixville Notch vote in 2008.  But in elections before that, the town had stuck to more conservative candidates, twice selecting a Republican instead of Bill Clinton.

Dixville Notch and its 10 voters may be symbolic, but they’re not a bellwether for the state.  Obama won in Dixville Notch in 2008, but that was the first time a majority of the town went for a Democrat in 40 years.

The other New Hampshire town with midnight voting — the slightly more populous (32 voters) Hart’s Location — swung towards Obama Monday night: 23 Obama, 9 Romney.

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